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Simple and Successful Negotiation Tactics

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Jennifer A. Klein

Jennifer A. Klein

By Jennifer Klein

Follow these two rules during any negotiation and you’ll find success!

Jennifer Klein is a REALTOR® in Northern California who is experienced in short sales, investments, and property management. Connect with Jen at RosevilleAndRocklin.com, JenKlein.com, and @JenKleinSac.

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Comments 3

  1. This individual lacks an assemblance of intelligence when her concept of negotiations is to verbally say..” We are going to do it my way ” is that what you call negotiating ? Well… I guess in Northern California that may work but I can assure you in Connecticut Miss Klein would need to change her negotiating tactics.

  2. I have to agree with C.Gomez. “We are going to do it my way” says to the client, “I just paid lip service to you, and your needs don’t really matter.” I think you are right on target with listening, listening, and more listening. Find the common ground and celebrate that as a victorious “We are on the right track” moment, and then work out details. Giving everyone a realistic set of expectations up front goes a long way once negotiations begin.

  3. I love both her points. Take away the positives – it’s powerful to tell people how great they are and you can often get your way by doing so. Apply the message to your own style.

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