YPN Charity Date Auction

Beautiful Young Bachelors & Bachelorettes donated their Friday Night to this Cause.


Frederick County Association of REALTORS®  YPN 



Number of members:


Event name:

YPN Charity Date Auction

Event type:


Event cost:


Event sponsorships:


Number of attendees:


Association assistance:

None, completely member driven 

Event frequency:

One Time Only

Event length:

1-3 Hours

About the event:

Fantastic Fundraising Event for Habitat & SHIP at Delaplaine - Spectacular food by Minda Metz: THE BUZZ; Incredible Date Packages provided by our 2015 YPN Sponsors, our Frederick Community, FCAR Affiliates & the YPN Advisory Committee; Beautiful Young Bachelors & Bachelorettes donated their Friday Night to this Cause.  It makes all us proud to live and work in such GENEROUS Community; at this event we raised over $7,400!

*Not pictured: the main event program, event tickets, and the newspaper blurb.

Describe the marketing you did for the event:

 We did a lot of marketing for this event.  We distributed flyers to local Real Estate Offices, distributed flyers to local businesses, advertised through our community partners, advertised through our sponsors, advertised through our charities, and used a very heavy dose of Social Media.

Tell us what you learned from this experience and what others considering hosting this event should be aware of: 

The two main items we did not think about were finding Bachelors/Bachelorettes to be auctioned off and that the majority of our network was already married/in a relationship. 

To work around this, because failure was not an option, we found local celebrities (fitness instructors at local gyms, law firm reps, etc) to auction off packages.

Any other pertinent information you would like to share:

This was a great event that generated a lot of buzz for our YPN and local REALTOR Association.  It also generated a lot of buzz and money for the charities we chose to support.  Three tips:

  • Appoint one person in charge of the event.
  • Find a high visibility location to host the event in the middle of town.
  • Sell your own beer/wine/alcohol to maximize profit potential.

Oh, and don't forget to have fun!!!

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