YPN Cruise on Lake Geneva

VIP boat cruise for YPN members.


Lakes Area YPN 



Number of members:


Event name:

YPN Cruise on Lake Geneva

Event type:


Event cost:


Event sponsorships:


Number of attendees:


Association assistance:

About 50% member driven, 50% staff driven.

Event frequency:


Event length:

1-3 Hours

About the event:

VIP boat cruise for YPN members on a Thursday night to come get a tour of the beautiful Geneva Lake aboard a large paddle boat that had capacity for around 60 people.

Describe the marketing you did for the event: 

Personal invitation for the members which we called VIP (paid for by the sponsorships) up to 30 people. 

Once we had 25 committed, we allowed it to open up for registration on eventbrite.com. Anyone that was over and above the 30 free VIP invited guests paid $40 to join us.

Tell us what you learned from this experience and what others considering hosting this event should be aware of: 

Personal invitation is always the best way to get committed attendance; socializing is easy for our members to do and we as the hosts need to challenge the event for something more and another specific objective if you want it to be more than that.

Any other pertinent information you would like to share:

Invite and confirm some sort of carrot type of guest. Someone who you can dangle out in front of your members as a carrot, a reason they don't want to miss the event. Someone they want to see and talk to.

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