Start-Up Kit

Energize the Future of Real Estate

Nearly 400 state and local REALTOR® associations have started their own Young Professionals Network. If you represent an association that’s ready to build engagement among your younger members, the YPN Start-Up Kit is designed just for you. It walks you through the basics of setting up a YPN and helps you get started on planning group activities, promoting your events, getting a sponsor to support you, and more.

The Young Professionals Network is a dynamic entry point for real estate professionals striving to become more successful in their careers and gain leadership experience. By providing this entry point, NAR is building a new, diverse generation of leaders, strengthening members' affinity for the REALTOR® brand early in their career, and gaining a valuable perspective on generational shifts. YPN's growth has been driven by REALTOR®. YPN has evolved from a magazine offshoot to a determined, passionate, savvy group of members who use social media effectively and transparently and who are committed to strengthening the REALTOR® brand.

Grant Money Available

NAR provides a limited number of small grants for state and local associations that want to start a YPN or revitalize an existing YPN.

  • Ex. Kim Owsley and Melanie Hampton
  • Ex. 10
  • Ex. Sunday March 4, 2018 1:00 p.m. at the SI Bowl, Carterville, IL
  • Ex. 30 to 50
  • Ex. This will be our kick-off event. We will provide bowling, refreshments, and networking.
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