Advisory Board

NAR’s National YPN is led by an Advisory Board, national leaders committed to advancing the YPN mission and bringing a fresh voice to the industry. Advisory Board members apply through the NAR committee selection process and generally serve a two-year term, reporting to NAR’s Member Communications Committee. Local and state networks are encouraged to invite YPN Advisory Board members to their events. Each advisory board member has an allotted travel stipend and is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Please contact advisory board members directly at the email provided for their availability.

Amanda Lott


Memphis, TN

Region 4

Jairo Rodriguez

Vice Chair

Montclair, NJ

Region 2

Georgia Stevens (2022)

Immediate Past Chair

Bellevue, WA

Region 12

Alexa Kebalo-Hughes (2022)

Stamford, CT

Region 1

Kyle Kovats (2022)

Commercial Representative

Livingston, NJ

Region 2

Carey Smith

Bloomsburg, PA

Region 2

Sam Medvene (2022)

Washington, DC

Region 3

Dustin Gilbert

Hopkinsville, KY

Region 4

Kate Wright (2022)

Atlanta, GA

Region 5

Andrew Hersey

Cincinnati, OH

Region 6

Jordan Pyle (2022)

Chicago, IL

Region 7

Kyle Schulze

Omaha, NE

Region 8

Kadee French

Edmond, OK

Region 9

Jef Conn (2022)

Lubbock, TX

Region 10

Kat Robinson (2022)

Houston, TX

Region 10

Yared Rivera

Las Vegas, NV

Region 11

Allison Buchman (2022)

Lake Oswego, OR

Region 12

Angela Gibson

AE Representative

Boise, ID

Region 12

Danny Fredericks (2022)

Torrance, CA

Region 13