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Patricia Kennedy

Patricia Kennedy

By Patricia Kennedy

Last week, I found myself packing for the most amazing vacation I’ve taken in years, maybe ever: three weeks on the beaches of Maui with a man who makes my heart skip beats every time I look at him, and a convertible. As I was packing, it occurred to me how Type-A I have become over the last few years. I mean, look at the stuff I brought:

  1. Strappy sandals – check
  2. Bathing suits – check
  3. SPF 50 sunscreen – check
  4. Shorts and t-shirts – check
  5. MacBook Air (with contract writing software) – check
  6. Kindle – check
  7. iPhone – check
  8. Digital cameras – check
  9. Snorkeling equipment – check
  10. Battery packs and chargers for items 5 through 8 above – check

With all of these miracles of modern technology, I can be away and still be connected to my clients.

But wait. This picture is out of focus!

So often, real estate practitioners try to get away to recharge and refresh, only to make themselves crazy by trying not to lose a single deal while they are away. So, why even bother to take the trip?

Before I left, I decided that this trip would be different. I called all of my clients to let them know I’d be gone, and that a trusted colleague was on call to cover any real estate emergency that might arise. And guess what? Most of them were headed out of town as well!

I will be checking my e-mail a couple of times a day and answering my phone when it rings  — on the iPhone in the convertible. But by and large, I’ve been able to disconnect temporarily from my Washington, D.C. real estate practice. And I am really fortunate to have two highly professional colleagues watching out for me.

And, of course, it’s much easier knowing that Mother Nature dumped a couple of feet of snow on my market area, thereby diminishing any desire any of my clients might have to go look at property!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the gorgeous beaches of Maui!

Patricia Kennedy is an associate broker with Evers & Company Real Estate.Visit Pat’s blog: www.housepat.activerain.com.

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Comments 7

  1. Wowie Maui !!!!

    So glad you are so happy and heading to a dream trip for the holidays !

    … now dont even think about our inches of snow here, NO SIREE !

    You just warm your toes on sunkissed beaches, and enjoy the Holidays !!

    Cheers Pat !!!


  2. You deserve a vacation and it’s not really a vacation if you do work. We went to Maui in May and had an absolute blast. So much to do and so beautiful! You’ll be on a 6 hour time difference so just go ahead and shut the phone off or better yet leave it at home if you can. I gave my team our hotel number in case there was an emergency for them to call me and amazingly, nothing they couldn’t handle came up. While you are there, make sure to eat at Lahaina Grill and Momma’s Fishhouse. Maui is not known for its food but both are excellent.

  3. Pat – You are so right! Everytime I TRY and take a vacation I get all worked up over what’s going to happen at home while I am gone. NOT WORTH IT! Take the vacation for the purpose it is intended – relax and RECHARGE! Hope you are having fun!

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