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Do You Have A WIG?

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Melissa Krchnak

By Melissa Krchnak

Do you have a wig?

No, I’m au natural.

I’ve been learning about “The 4 Disciplines of Execution” and getting my Wildly Important Goal (WIG) figured out.

Oh, that kind of a WIG… Yea, I’ve got one of those!

Most of us do not have a problem coming up with great ideas. Hell, we could revolutionize our industry with all the awesome thoughts we have throughout the day. It’s the plan for execution we trip on. Yep, I’ve got those bruises, too.

So, figure out what’s your first domino: What is the “ONE Thing” that will make all your other little goals easier or unnecessary when you achieve it? That, my friends, is your WIG.

There are three other steps, which I will discuss in my future YPN Lounge posts. However, you have to build a rock-solid foundation before you throw up beams and a roof and call it a home. Nail the first discipline then move on to the second.

Melissa Krchnak is the team leader for Keller Williams in Pikesville, MD. Connect with her on Twitter @mkrchnak.

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