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Inman Connect 2010: Seven Start-Ups To Watch

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Brian Copeland

Brian Copeland

By Brian Copeland

Since 99 percent of you will click on the following websites anyway, I’m not going to flatter myself with long narratives on these seven start-ups to watch for real estate applications in 2010.  The following list was created from an Inman Connect NYC panel:

Pegshot.com:  Allows you to share your location plus video and photos of exactly what’s going on.  From the mind of the brilliant WellcomeMat guys.

Ipromote.com:  For $5 a day, you can create a ton of classified online ads to promote everywhere.

Nabewise.com:  Connects people with neighborhoods via attributes.

CloudCMA.com:  Mixes glorious cloud computing with the CMA process, obviously by the name.

KWKLY.com:  Text messaging for real estate…simplified.

Deedstreet.com:  Twitteresque for real estate…pretty much.

Klout.com:  Measures your social media influence.  Amazing application:  They are working with a Las Vegas hotel group.  When you check-in, they get your Twitter name. Then, the hotel group checks your “klout” and treats your influence accordingly with things like free Cirque tickets.

For more from Inman, follow Brian on Twitter: @NashvilleBrian

Brian Copeland is a REALTOR® in Nashville, Tenn. You can check out his websites at nashvilleandbeyond.com and brian-copeland.com.

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  2. Interesting match up for Klout. Sound like something right out of “Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom”. Klout = Whuffie. Very cool!

  3. Tell us more tips and tricks! I just downloaded the free version of Jing. (jing.com). I am doing video of my computer screen, and doing a voice over–describing terms on an MLS listing, going over monthly absorption rates, etc. Will post soon and maybe blog about it! Tell me if you have tried Ipromote.com
    Looking forward to reading more blogs!

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