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New Kid at the Business Meetings

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Stefanie Hahn

Stefanie Hahn

By Stefanie Hahn

In an interesting change of pace, I am writing this post from our state REALTOR® Association meetings.

I wish you were here.  No…I really wish you were here.

According to the National Association of REALTORS® 2009 Member Profile, 15 percent of our industry is age 40 or under.  At these meetings, there aren’t even 15 people who fit that bill.  These meetings (and I suspect those of many other states around the country) are demographically less diverse than a Friday night bridge game – and the decisions being made are going to impact our businesses for quite some time.

If you haven’t already, stop what you are doing and find out more about getting involved.  Open a new browser tab and search for your local REALTOR® Association.  Find out what committees they have and offer to help with one.  I can tell you from my experience here that every committee wants to learn more about the millennial generation and how to communicate with us.  They are eager to reach out to people like me and to share the benefits that come from being a part of one of the nation’s best industry groups.

I started attending these meetings to promote my newly created YPN chapter.  For me, the hardest part was getting past the intimidation of the meetings themselves.  Quite a few of my state’s real estate heavyweights lead committees here – and being the “new kid” was a bit daunting.  As it turned out, they were happy to have someone like me around, and when I was able to help them with a few of the tech-tastic things that I know, they welcomed me in with open arms.  Combined with the excitement generated over the growth of YPN, and the support it is getting from NAR, my involvement in these meetings has only become more exciting and fun.

One of the state goals of YPN is to develop the next generation of real estate leaders.  That’s us.  In order for us to lead, however, we need to get involved now.  For most of us, no one is going to reach out and ask you to get involved.  You have to just do it – make the effort.  I bet you will find that your time spent was worthwhile!

Stefanie Hahn is the education director for Coldwell Banker Hearthside, REALTORS® in Malvern, Pa. Visit her Web site: www.StefanieHahn.com.

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Comments 12

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  2. I have been attending the PAR business meetings for 4 years. It was great to see the YPN group at the meetings. I was kind of disappointed to learn that I am too “old” to join the YPN group. Keep up the good work and please stay involved.

  3. Stefanie, Well Said! Getting involved has made me a better person and a better Realtor as well as teach me a respect for this wonderful industry that few will understand until they sit in a committee meeting full of real estate leaders. Thank you for sharing this.

  4. You forgot to mention that all PAR Business meetings can be tracked on Twitter at #parbiz. Next up are ustreams from the meetings. That gives folks a chance to see what’s going on and feel more comfortable when you get to attend.

  5. Wow. You guys ROCK! Thanks for commenting. I’m real big on responding so here goes …

    @Adrienne – Will a simple *mwah* do? Thanks so much for all you do as #PAYPN’s fearless leader!

    @Susan – Too old?! Did PAR’s new EVP tell you that …? We are big believers that a network has people of every generation. Let’s connect at Triple Play – we have tons of great #ypness planned!

    @Nobu – thx for paving the way 🙂

    @Maggie – Thank you for you commenting! Your guidance gave me a ton of courage to step up and get involved in the first place!

    @Dave – Just kidding about the Susan comment above … you’re right I should have mentioned the #parbiz tag. Streaming the meetings would be a cool way to get more Realtors involved. I love it!

  6. The funny thing about volunteering and giving of yourself is you usually get back way more than you ever thought you would. I agree with Stephanie- get off the couch and volunteer with your local YPN or Association the results may pleasantly surprise you.

  7. Stephanie, hard to believe about six years ago I was the young blood (Yes at 42 then). It was daunting yet so rewarding. Leadership completely understands that they must train the future leaders of the organization. We are thrilled to have you and all of YPN on board. I see renewed energy and excitement in the meetings. YOU will do great things and I personally can’t wait to see you soar! Go get them YPN!

  8. Okay, I’ve been writing for the YPN Lounge for a year now and I swear I’ve never had this many people read and comment on a post. I am truly overwhelmed and so thankful for everyone’s kind words and support. Our PA YPN chapter goal was to make an impact on PAR and to get other YPNer’s involved and engaged to make a real difference on a local, state and national level. We have a ton of work to do, but I am confident with your support we can do anything!

    @Tom – Thanks for being a pal and supporting me and #PAYPN from the start. I really appreciate it!

    @Todd – Thanks so much Todd. Your leadership, knowledge and assistance has been a huge help for our group. We are so lucky to have you as a chapter adviser.

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  10. I became Vice Chair of our newly formed YPN chapter in Oakland. I must say the response and support has been overwhelming! I agree wholeheartedly that the only way we as young realtors are going to have our voices heard is to become involved at the local and state level. This being my second Realtor related group (I’m also on the Board of our WCR chapter) I’m meeting more people that are mentoring me and pushing me forward. They aren’t allowing me to be a wallflower! But I really am enjoying learning more about the industry and networking with all of these great folks.

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