Preparing For Your Best 2021 Starts Now

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Jef Conn

By Jef Conn

It’s hard to believe that this year has simultaneously flown by in what feels like three days while it’s also felt 312 years long. I don’t know about you, but I’ve learned a lot in 2020 that I hope to implement in my 2021 business. I hear from brokers and agents all across the country who are having their best year in the business, while others are wishing theirs was a little better. No matter where you are, know this: 2020 has less than four months remaining. HOW. DID. THAT. HAPPEN?

So, let’s move past the craziness that has happened so far in 2020 and look forward to 2021. Whether this is turning into your best year in real estate yet, or the opposite, let’s collectively hit the reset button and get ready for the best year of your career: 2021.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Here are four tips to help you prepare, practice, and be ready to conquer the year ahead.

  1. Work on your systems. If you feel out of control, constantly stressed, and you’re working too hard to recreate the wheel in each transaction—stop. Write down everything you need to do in a transaction and create systems. Start with a simple checklist that you look at during each transaction to make sure you covered everything. Pro tip: Have a checklist for listings and a separate one for buyers.
  2. Change your attitude. There’s an old saying, “Fake it until you make it.” You can do that with your attitude, too. If you’re feeling down or just a little negative, fake some positivity. There’s way too much going on in the world and it could get worse with the elections coming up. Make it a goal to be positive and encouraging. It’s amazing how acting positive will eventually influence your true feelings, making you feel more positive. Your clients will notice because people want to be around positive people.
  3. Set your 2021 goals now. “But Jef, this early?” Yes, right now. Write down what you plan to do and accomplish next year. Some people may focus on income goals; others shoot for a specific number of deals or listings. Do what works for you. After you’ve written everything down, put it somewhere you can see it every day. Begin working on those goals now. Yes, some of that work will result in 2020 closings, but the point is to start building your pipeline now as we approach the end of the year.
  4. Get connected. There’s a huge community of young professionals in the NAR YPN Facebook group. Make sure you join the group and use its members as resources. Feel free to ask questions, seek help, and learn from others. We’re all in this together, so start engaging. You’ll find some great referral partners and a lot of people willing to chime in and help give you ideas to grow your business.

Remember this: Momentum from the end of 2020 will carry you into the year ahead. The idea is to get as much activity and good habits going now so that 2021 starts off with a bang. You can’t have your best year without having a great first quarter.

So don’t write off 2020 completely—now is the perfect time to lay the groundwork for the new year.

Hope to see you on the NAR YPN Facebook page!

Jef Conn, CCIM, SIOR, is a commercial agent specializing in industrial, office, and investment properties with Coldwell Banker Commercial in Lubbock, Texas. Jef served as the 2017 president of his local association and currently serves as Region 1 vice president and executive board member for Texas REALTORS®. Connect with Jef on LinkedIn or via email:

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