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Show Off Your Expertise with a New Free Tool

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By G. M. Filisko, contributing writer, HouseLogic

When people question whether you’re old enough to have the expertise necessary to successfully represent them in a real estate transaction (We know you’re shocked!), prove you’re just as much of an expert on home values as any real estate vet: Just take advantage of the REALTOR® Content Resource, the new tool powered by HouseLogic where your NAR membership entitles you to download free homeownership content for your consumer Web site, blog, or e-newsletter.

Start with May’s “Weekend Warrior” bundle, just in time for the long Memorial Day weekend. Encourage buyers and sellers to take advantage of Memorial Day sales by picking up the materials they need to stop wasting standby power, or the $100 lost annually because of electronics’ standby settings. Among the tips you’ll get at the REALTOR® Content Resource:

Buy a portable energy meter. The first step in recovery is admitting there’s a problem. For $22-$100, your clients can buy a device to measure how much it costs to operate everything from their refrigerator to their computer on full blast and on standby. Big culprits: high-definition and standard cable TV boxes, computers, and VCRs.

Routinely unplug items. Suggest they make it easier by plugging devices close to each other—such as computers, monitors, printers, and desk lamps—into a power strip or surge protector.

Invest $20-$40 in smart-power strips. When your clients power-down a primary device, such as a home computer, the strip automatically shuts down related peripherals. The strips include “always on” outlets for devices they don’t want to turn off completely, like TiVo.

Walk away from the charger. Like most people, your clients probably leave their cell phone charging overnight. But most charge in about 90 minutes, amounting to about seven hours of lost energy. Better yet, recommend they charge them in their car’s cigarette lighter.

Eliminating wasted standby power isn’t the only way you can help clients can save money or add value to their home over Memorial Day weekend. Educate them on other projects like repairing common gutter problems, saving energy on water heaters, inspecting and maintaining their garage, and improving curb appeal and safety with outdoor lighting, all of which are available now as part of the May “Weekend Warrior” bundle at the REALTOR® Content Resource.

By showing you’re the expert on all things home-related, potential clients will forget your age and remember your expertise. When they do that, they’ll become your clients for life and be proud to be a steady source of referral business.

The REALTOR® Content Resource, powered by HouseLogic, is an exclusive, free benefit for NAR members. HouseLogic is the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS’® no-topic-left-uncovered consumer website geared to helping homeowners make smart decisions to maintain, protect, and increase the value of their home.

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