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Taking a Lesson From the Grammys

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Brian Copeland

Brian Copeland

By Brian Copeland

Watching the Grammys is always a highlight in my year.  As a former music publisher with still interest in a few companies, I still get to vote!  This darn REALTOR® addiction and the constant need to find applications for my business and profession in everything I see drives me nuts; so, of course, I have to comment on the things I noticed on the Grammys that we can apply to our business.

1.  Collaboration is key. Lady Gaga and Elton John’s opening duet was a perfect blend of classic and new.  As a “Gaga,” who are the Eltons you are including in your life for a duet?  One of my biggest learning experiences came from a veteran agent in my local market who owned a competing brokerage, Christie Wilson, of The Wilson Group. We co-listed several things when I was new in the industry, and I learned so much from her wisdom.

grammys2.  Your recognition will eventually come. Kanye West made musical tacky history with his scene steeling moment with Taylor Swift at the VMAs. Beyonce held her own smoothly and classily and saw her song rise to the top for Single Ladies.  If you don’t get the position/thanks/whatever you expected from your association, clients, brokers, etc., hang in there it may come in another way, a little further down the road.

3.  One unexpected action can change a reputation. I adore Pink and was so impressed with her vocals in her simplicity of song.  Just as I was writing this, however, she takes her dress off and jumps into a Cirque performance.  If you’ve got a reputation for handing negotiations or listings a certain way, try something new that challenges your convention.

4.  When the music plays, shut up! It seemed like every artist barely got on stage and the play-off music began. When you’re with a client, it’s their time in the spotlight.  Reminding them how great you are and standing in the home search spotlight may get you a quick orchestration off the stage.

5.  Celebrate each other, no matter the taste differences. Country, rap, rock, pop, and even polka all come together for one night to celebrate the greatness of their genres.  If you sell first-time buyer homes, multi-million dollar mansions or commercial strip-malls, we all have one thing in common — we love the harmony of great real estate.  Take a moment in the near future to learn from and applaud someone who doesn’t “sing your same song.”

6.  Watch the commercials. Your membership dues went to make an appearance during the Grammys.  That stuff ain’t cheap; so, appreciate the branding whether you agree with the campaign or not.

7.  Always keep 3-D glasses. During the Michael Jackson tribute, no one told me it was going to be in 3-D; so, all I got to watch was a blurry TV. You never know what your clients are going to expect from you. When you don’t prepare your clients for what is coming, you may leave them in a blur. Have a strong pre-counseling session with EVERY buyer, regardless of their buying history!

Brian Copeland is a REALTOR® in Nashville, Tenn. You can check out his websites at nashvilleandbeyond.com and brian-copeland.com. You can follow Brian on Twitter: @NashvilleBrian

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