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The Bachelorette’s Reid Rosenthal: “This downside is a ton of work”

Katherine Tarbox Young Pros in the Spotlight 3 Comments

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By Katherine Tarbox, REALTOR® Magazine

Reid Rosenthal

Millions of viewers watched ABC’s “Bachelorette” Monday night as Reid Rosenthal, a real estate practitioner with Prudential Fox & Roach of Philadelphia, got his heart broken when Jillian Harris turned down his surprise wedding proposal. So how is this bachelor mending his broken heart?

In a recent People magazine article, Reid says his real estate business is busy.

When Reid — who is still single, ladies — was asked about the prospect of being named the “Bachelor” for a future show, the REALTOR® replied: “The downside is it is a ton of work. Work doesn’t scare me but with real estate being so busy now, it’s gonna be hard for me to figure out how to keep my business and at the same time do that.”

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  2. I don’t believe Reid is a good choice for being the next bachelor. He continues to show his difficult side. I don’t want to say hot head, but I believe he needed to only show his gracious side and if he can’t do it in a situation as the “After the Rose” show, he’s not good material.

  3. Judy, I can’t disagree with you more. I have found Reid to be very level headed! I think you’re confusing him with someone else! I’d also love to see him as the next Bachelor. I think that he would be the first Bachelor to do their best not to lead another on. I wish him well and hope we get to see more of him!

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