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You Might Be Too Old For YPN If…

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Rob Reuter

Rob Reuter

By Rob Reuter, YPN Manager

I think many of us who are part of YPN would agree that one of our goals is to bridge the generational gap that seems to have been created in our industry.  I get asked all the time if there is an age limit for YPN or if there ever will be.  My response has always been the same: YPN is for the young and young-at-heart real estate professionals.

With that being said, this blog post is in honor of our young-at-heart colleagues and you may notice a familiar theme that Jeff Foxworthy uses with his ‘redneck’ jokes (if you don’t know who Jeff Foxworthy is, you might be too old for YPN).  So here’s a test of your young-at-heartness.  Hopefully, you’ll get a nostalgic chuckle or two out of this:

  • If you’ve ever referred to the MLS in BOOK FORM, you might be too old for YPN.
  • If your business card photo is OVER 10 YEARS OLD, you might be too old for YPN
  • If you’ve ever used a CAR PHONE to sell a house, you might be too old for YPN.
  • If you’ve sold a home when people were still putting wallpaper UP, you might be too old for YPN.
  • If you’ve sold a home when shag carpeting or wood paneling was IN STYLE, you might be too old for YPN.
  • If you’ve sold a home when they were still using LEAD BASED PAINT in NEW construction, you might be too old for YPN.
  • If your membership is not DECREASING the average age of a REALTOR®, you might be too old for YPN.

All kidding aside, how about a big round of applause for our more experienced colleagues and may you continue to enlighten us on how to become better REALTORS®.

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Comments 9

  1. I fit all of the above. The most important thing a younger agent must remember throughout their career is to keep up to date with the industry and tools. This is what separates you from a young vs. old professional. Many of my fellow agents in the business near my age (58 years old and starting my 39th year) have lost out and moved to the wayside because of their fear of learning new things. It is very important not to allow this to happen to you, times grows very fast and the mirror never lies.

  2. Laura: You are SO on the money – but you forgot the shag carpeting –

    Rob: Just one slight detail – If your business card photo is over 10 years old, you might be guilty of violating article 12 of the Code of ethics – requiring REALTORS to present a true picture to the public 😉

  3. Whatever the age, I’ve noticed that Realtors just aren’t geeky enough. I really disliked the old MLS books, with their grainy images, etc. and couldn’t wait until they got rid of them.

    When a lot of Realtors first got on the Internet, they used my code, because, would you believe — I gave it to them! Unheard of these days.

    I’ve seen a lot of Realtors carry tech to the extreme, just for effect. Sometimes the effect is not what you planned. It’s just spinning wheels and wasting time. Wonder if that’s this lounge..

  4. Just a shout out to our seasoned fellow agent Patrick Tuanciale, I always enjoy a deal with agents that have bookoo experience but can still hang with me with techy communication. It makes a for a smoother deal!

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