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2010… One Down, Eleven to Go!

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Dawn Miller

Dawn Miller

By Dawn Miller

I didn’t think I would be that excited to get “rid of the old and in with the new!” It’s a new year with a renewal of focus. How was your first month of 2010?

I am fortunate to be a REALTOR® in a real estate company that is consistently on the NAR’s top private brokerage firms, as seen in REALTOR® Magazine annual issue. The company is committed to its agents and to top-notch training.

Mike Staver visited our company at the beginning of the January and his seminar stuck with me!

I want to share some of my notes from the seminar. I have embraced this philosophy. I am more openly accepting new challenges and creating new opportunities for myself.

Let’s ATTACK this new year with the following focus:


Accept circumstances

Accept circumstances as they actually are. Don’t make things better than they are. In real estate business, this means generating more leads, making more appointments until I meet a seller or a buyer that has the right criteria in place to sell or buy successfully. Most importantly–have courage to face reality.


Take responsibility

Create a customer-centric experience. It involves the courage to take ownership for your behaviors and the consequent results.


Take action

Do Something. Don’t just complain-complain. Do something about it! The more I am out “in the field,” the more potential buyers and sellers I meet. When they think of local real estate, they think of me and my positive energy and outlook.


Acknowledge progress

Create a culture of celebrations. Focus on incremental progress and success. This year, I have broken down my yearly sales goal into small, obtainable tasks such as merely meeting 10 new people a week and getting at least two of those engaged into a conversation or meeting, leading to a pre-listing or buyer’s counseling appointment.


Commit to life-long learning

Understand questions before you attempt to answer them, especially if it’s a client. Know that you don’t know it all! This is a perfect year to get another REALTOR® designation and volunteer with your local association. Last year at this time, I vowed to get involved with my association.  I now chair my local YPN chapter and helped started an international committee.


Kindle new relationships

Kindle means “to give new life to.” Leadership is about developing new and productive relationships with every experience. This year, I am really selling the experience of real estate. Buying a home is not about number of beds and bathrooms, square foot, etc. It’s about working on the relationship you have with the client, getting to know their needs, wants, and desire. It’s about helping them find their “gourmet kitchen” or backyard big enough to hold a football game.

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  1. What a great post. Sometimes we get caught up in the details of this business, but as your post will show (we should all ATTACK) the grass-roots of our industry is making a come back. I for one, am loving it. Thanks for pointing that out Dawn!

  2. Great article, especially the part about acknowledging progress, reminding us to celebrate every small success. After all the small success build up and become bigger successes and the business can thus grow.
    There are many new strategic challenges for the global firm and how to deal with them effectively. These challenges include: (i) market opportunities migrating to rapidly emerging economies in the East; (ii) the long shadow of the financial crisis and the rising prominence of sovereign wealth funds; and (iii) the urgent imperative to deal with climate change and to include a larger number of stakeholders in the firm’s growth strategies.
    The IMD OWP 2010 address these challenges.

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