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5 Steps to Avoiding the ‘Lots of Closings this Month, None the Next’ Syndrome

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Dave Robison

Dave Robison

By Dave Robison

A few years ago, I was talking with an agent in my office, we will call him Jack.  I said to Jack, “Jack, what happened last week?  You didn’t make any new calls.”  In our office, we report how many calls we make each week to hold each other accountable.  Jack said, “The Smiths deal is taking up my time…it’s just all I work on. The other agent is so difficult to work with, too.”

At this point I could have said, “Okay good luck, keep up the good work.”  But if I want him to succeed, I have to go deeper:

Me: “Okay, lets talk about that.  Yesterday, how many times did you call him?”

Jack: “Once.”

Me: “How long was that phone call?”

Jack: “10 minutes.”

Me: “Okay, so what happened with the other 8 hours of the day?”

He became frustrated with the statistics and was at a loss of words.  He realized that his emotions surrounding the deal were consuming him.  He had anxiety about the deal going through.  A sign that you might be stuck in this same mode is if you have closings one month and none the next. Or, if you didn’t have any time to call new leads yesterday you might be in this mode, too.  The top REALTORS® all share something in common:  They have emotional resilience.   They learn how to get closings every month. Here are some steps to overcome the consumed state of mind and make yourself consistent with closings.

1.       Keep statistics: By keeping statistics of your BIG ROCKS, as Stephen Covey suggests, you can ensure you get the most important things done. We keep stats on the number of calls we make.

2.       Have an accountability group: If you are keeping stats and reporting them to yourself…you will forgive yourself more easily.  Report them to a group.  It will increase your motivation of doing better.

3.       Analyze: Take time every morning to analyze what you got done and what you didn’t (and why).  Write down the things that keep happening that irritate you that you want to change. (Jack would have wrote down that the Smith deal is stressing him out and he didn’t get any calls done yesterday.)

4.       Visualize: There are things that you may not want to do today.  Jack didn’t want to work with the other real estate agent on the Smith deal.  One thing I find that’s common with many successful people is that they psyche themselves up and visualize achieving what they want to happen and they go after it.  Our office will write down the top three things they want to accomplish every morning.  We visualize what we want to achieve in starting our day.

5.       Get to work, pick up the phone.

Make this a habit and you will propel yourself to the top 1 percent of REALTORS®.  Now get to work — do it now and tomorrow morning!

Dave Robison, known as “Utah Dave,” is a broker of Robison & Company Real Estate.

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