5 Ways to Make Your Social Media Posts Shareable

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Brandon Doyle

Brandon Doyle

By Brandon Doyle

Many real estate agents and business owners manage a Facebook page as a way to connect with old, new, and potential clients. Though your page may have a significant number of fans, what you might not realize is that your social media posts may only be reaching 12 percent of them, according to Facebook. Why does this happen? The way users interact with their newsfeed steers Facebook’s algorithms, so if fans haven’t interacted with any of your posts—by following a link, sharing, liking, etc.—then eventually posts from your business page will be weeded out.

You may be posting with regularity, but it’s entirely possible that a large contingent of your fan base isn’t even seeing them. So, what are you to do? For starters, you’ve got to break the cycle by getting people involved and sharing. Keep in mind a few of these approaches as you craft your social media presence:

@ljmaki, 2016. pixabay.com

@ljmaki, 2016. pixabay.com

1. Give

Discounts, offers, deals, giveaways—all are effective means to inspire interaction with your posts. This doesn’t just mean providing offers through your business. Why not share a great local deal you came across? It builds relationships with local businesses and may get fans clicking for more.

2. Advise

The internet offers a wealth of information, so take the opportunity to contribute your two cents in areas related to your field. In the process, you may provide the answer to questions your fans have been asking about the real estate game. When they follow their curiosity toward your post, both you and the potential client benefit.

3. Entertain

Most people surf the internet for this very reason. Funny pictures or links to viral videos are highly clickable material, and show a relevant, human, and light-hearted side to your social media presence.

4. Inform

Pertinent news stories about real estate in your area or the market on a national level shows that you’re staying current in your field. Timely stories also attract clicks, since sharing and commenting on trending topics are a major part of participating in social media.

5. Inspire

Though meant to be used sparingly, try livening up your newsfeed with a motivational picture or quote. It may be exactly what one of your fans need to see that day, which might lead to a shared post—and a marked increase in fan interaction.

Engaging fans and potential clients on social media goes far beyond posting with frequency. Give some thought to the interactivity of your Facebook posts and you may see an encouraging uptick in the amount of user interaction coming your way—boosting your business in the process.

Brandon Doyle, ABR, e-PRO, is a second-generation real estate pro with RE/MAX Results in the Twin Cities. He is also coauthor of the book M3Mindset, Methods & Metrics: Winning as a Modern Real Estate Agent available now on Amazon. Learn more about Brandon at www.doylerealestateteam.com.


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