Announcing the 2016 Networks of the Year

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YPN members from across the country gathered Friday night at Mango’s Tropical Café in Orlando for the largest YPN networking reception of the year, and to celebrate the eighth annual Networks of the Year (NOTY) Awards. These awards are given to small, medium, large, and state REALTOR® associations with networks that consistently hold a variety of events, show growth in membership, and sustain a leadership succession plan. More than 50 networks applied for the 2016 awards, which were given to the following:

Small: Columbia Board of REALTORS® YPN, 557 total REALTORS® in the association

Medium: Eastern Bergen County Association of REALTORS® YPN, 3,637 total REALTORS® in the association

Large: Chicago Association of REALTORS® YPN (second all-time win), 13,457 total REALTORS® in the association


State: California Association of REALTORS® YPN (third all-time win), 184,669 total REALTORS® in the association


All four networks have been in place since 2011 or earlier.  Some of the hit events include the YPN Olympics, New Agent Success Night, Casino Royale, and YPN Month of Giving.  The application process is open to all networks every year until August 31.

Check out more images from the YPN Networking Event at #NARannual below. All photos by Brian Copeland, Nashville and Beyond.


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