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Are Short Sales Becoming a Thing of the Past?

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Jennifer A. Klein

Jennifer A. Klein

Derek Sandoval

By Jennifer Klein and Derek Sandoval

Is your market changing like ours? Increases in home prices and home values here in Sacramento, Calif., is good news for homeowners who once thought they’d have to do a short sale. In our latest video, we discuss what the latest market conditions mean for our business and our clients.

Jennifer Klein is a REALTOR® in Northern California who is experienced in short sales, investments, and property management. Connect with Jen at RosevilleAndRocklin.com, JenKlein.com, and @JenKleinSac.

Derek Sandoval has worked for Keller Williams Realty in Roseville, Calif., since 2009, and specializes in residential, REO, and short sales. Find Derek at www.dereksellshomes.com and dereksellshomes.featuredblog.com.

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  2. As long as volume builders continue to erect massive housing developments and offer easy finance terms through their own subsidiary mortgage originators, we’ll keep seeing short sales. These developments are marketed to first time buyers and young families, who are the most vulnerable to life changes such as job loss, divorce, relocation, etc. It’s very difficult for a pre-owned listing to compete with that tempting new model home down the street.

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