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Being Good to the Environment is Good For Business

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By Heather Soldonia

Heather Soldonia

Heather Soldonia

The San Francisco Bay area is known for being progressive. In San Francisco we have more than 40 LEED-registered municipal projects in the pipeline, real estate agencies who promote themselves exclusively as “green” and (did I forget to mention…) Berzerkeley.

As real estate agents we use a lot of paper, electric, and energy resources. The following are things you can do to be more environmentally conscious and promote yourself as an Ecopreneur:

  • Print Less, Recycle More
    • Go Paperless
      • Primarily use email and phone for correspondence.
      • Use PDF, DocuSign or E-signature for documents.
      • Use electronic fax services (i.e. eFax or MetroFax).
      • Use PowerPoint presentations instead of handouts.
      • Subscribe to online publications instead of hard copy.
    • Recycle More
      • Use recycled-content paper when you do need to print.
      • Print double-sided whenever possible.
      • Recycle what you print and/or receive.
      • Print your business cards on recycled-content paper.
      • Offer clients water in a glass instead of bottled water.
  • Pull the Plug on Electronics
    • Unplug charging devices when not in use.
    • Turn off your lights in office and open houses if possible.
    • Shut down copy machine and other items in office.
    • Eliminate the fax machine by using electronic fax services.
    • Recycle ink cartridges from copiers and printers.
  • Drive Eco-Friendly
    • Telecommute
    • Plan and Combine Trips – Plan errands in advance for an efficient trip.
    • Drive Responsibly – Speeding, quick acceleration, and hard stops increase fuel consumption up to 39 percent.
    • Check your Tire Pressure Monthly – The U.S. Department of Energy estimates a 3.3 percent  improvement to gas mileage with proper tire pressure.
    • Carpool with Clients
    • Consider a Hybrid Vehicle
  • Count Down Your Carbon
    • Calculate your Carbon Footprint.
    • Offset Your Emissions by purchasing carbon credits or plant a few trees =)

Heather Soldonia is a Broker/REALTOR® in the San Francisco Bay area with Windermere Welcome Home. She can be found at www.heathersoldonia.mywindermere.com.

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