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Don’t Forget to Pause and Take Stock

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Kelly Reark

Kelly Reark

By Kelly Reark

Career, health, relationships, spirituality, and finance are just a few of the many aspects of your life.  Are you living a balanced lifestyle? If New Year’s was the last time you stopped to evaluate where you are, how far have you come?  As you put one foot in front of the other to reach your goals, make sure that none of your key aspects are lagging behind.

Success has different definitions for each person.  Write out what success is to you, and make a plan to be successful.  Take the time to exercise and nourish your body.  Call at least one friend while you are making your cold calls to heat things up a bit.  Step away from Facebook and remember the value of meeting socially offline.  Check your business plan and get on track to meet your sales goals for the year if you aren’t yet there.  If you are, reward yourself.  Rest one day a week, away from gadgets and gizmos, breathe deep, and meditate on something peaceful.

Living a balanced life will bring success and happiness to you!

Kelly Reark is a native Floridian and e-PRO® with Gasparilla Properties, Inc. in Boca Grande, Southwest Florida. Visit her blog: www.BocaGrandeRealEstateNews.com.

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