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Don’t Just ‘Wing It’

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Jeremy Williams

Jeremy Williams

By Jeremy Williams

When meeting with one of our top-producing REALTORS® today, the topics covered made me think about how often both seasoned agents and new agents try to “wing it” when it comes to their businesses.  Taking this approach can lead to undue stress and burnout if not addressed quickly.  It can lead to the question, “Why am I doing this?”  If you are experiencing these feelings, here are some steps to get you back on track.

1.        Write down a list of all your weaknesses.

2.       Sit down with your broker, manager or team leader to go over the list.  Prioritize the list.  Don’t expect to address all areas in which you are weak at one time.  Take your top three-to-five areas in which you need improvement.  Focus on items that are directly tied to the amount of time you are working and those items related to revenue generation.  Examples: You need an assistant to leverage your time.  Your database is not in order, and your follow-up with potential clients lacks as a result of not being organized.

3.       Create a plan to address those issues.

4.       Set realistic objectives and goals to overcome your highlighted weaknesses.

5.       Set an appointment to follow up with your broker, manager, or team leader to analyze your progress.  You may even find another REALTOR® to be an accountability partner.

6.       Don’t get hung up on setbacks.

7.       Go to trainings that address the areas in which you are weak.

8.       When you master your weaknesses, go through the process again and see what other areas you can work on.

With a few simple steps and establishing a plan, you will no longer “wing it” in your business, and you will also reduce the amount of stress and chance of burnout that can develop in your profession as a REALTOR®.

Jeremy Williams is the assistant team leader of Keller Williams Memorial in Houston. Visit his Web site at www.kwmemorial.com.

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