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Give Them What They Can’t Google

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Melissa Krchnak

Melissa Krchnak

By Melissa Krchnak

For years I’ve been harping about highly suggesting agents give consumers “what they can’t Google.” That is, after all, where our value lies.

Once upon a time, consumers needed a REALTOR® to tell them everything about a home. Now, they have it all at their fingertips…literally. Their cell phone’s in their hands right now. So much of what used to be private, close-to-the-chest information is now super public. So, real estate professionals have to step up and step in.

We often can’t even begin to see where our value lies because we take our knowledge for granted. Like how this subdivision has roof problems, or that floor plan’s garages always leak when we have heavy rains, or how this sliver of a city actually is in a better school district.

So, give your people what they can’t Google. Don’t know where to start or you’re new in the industry? Start with WalkScore.com. Then favorite/follow every city website and calendar. Go to city hall and compliance departments and ask questions; get to know the staff. Find out what charity events and festivals are coming to town. Become a student of your cities, then communicate your knowledge to your clients and potential clients.

Melissa Krchnak is a real estate business consultant. Connect with her on Twitter @mkrchnak.


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