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It Takes a (Real Estate) Village

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Lynn Minnick

Lynn Minnick

By Lynn Minnick

I recently found myself thinking about how the changing market has forced us to change, to adapt, to constantly improve on the skills necessary to survive and succeed in this business.  Then I realized that as the years have gone by, the cast of characters in my real estate career has also changed.  Sure, there were some I was happy to distance myself from, but there are others I’ve been sorry to see go, and other people new to the scene who are influencing the way I view and run my business.

Do you think about how the people you choose to surround yourself with affect your work, your success, your attitude?  I believe those people can motivate you, support and help you, slow you down, or suck up your time and energy, among other things.

Since the changes in the mortgage industry and the consequent onslaught of short sales and foreclosures came upon us, I’ve found certain key people (lately it’s been other REALTORS® and attorneys) have been instrumental in helping me navigate my way.  Just like knowing the better home inspectors and lenders, septic guys and termite guys, I’m stacking my deck with winning cards and they’re my aces.

It’s in your best interest to cultivate relationships with those who can have a positive influence in your career, but I also believe in give and take…that you get back what you put out there.  (Are you the kind of agent who supports other agents in your community by attending their events or broker’s opens and follow up with feedback after showing their listings?  Do you serve on committees or volunteer in your community?  Believe me, those good relationships you’re building will help you!)  Reputation goes a long way in real estate.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably building your social media village too.  Are the rules the same?  Probably.  Are you working with those people in your day to day business?  Generally speaking, I’m not, but they are there inspiring me, sharing new ideas and positive attitudes, and for that they are an important part of my village as well.

Lynn Minnick is a REALTOR® in Connecticut known for her love of all things international, organic, travel and design. Connect with her at thegreenctrealtor.blogspot.com or @LynnMinnick.

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