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Market Stats Can Be Your Best Friend

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Kelly Reark

Kelly Reark

By Kelly Reark

OK, I’m ready.  Elections are over.  The holidays are around the corner.  Bring on the buyers.

Here in Florida, our season is just about to start.  What are people expecting, and what are you going to do about it?

My advice is to study your market, and practice how you will handle objections from buyers and sellers.  In our market, it’s not new news that some sellers still aren’t pricing realistically and that some buyers expect to get a million dollar listing for $200,000. You have to be able to stop them with black and white facts and statistics.  Numbers are harder to argue with than your opinion of the market.

Let’s say someone asks you, “So, how’s the market right now?” You could answer, “Well, it is better than it was!” OR, you could answer, “MLS data shows that Neighborhood X has sold four times more properties than last year, so you tell me.”

There is a major bonus in showing data and asking the questioner to interpret it.  With their own mouths, they will have to admit that the numbers show signs of positive market movement.  Once they say it themselves, they will believe it!

The goal is to stop telling people what to expect and start asking them. They will persuade themselves if you learn to ask the right questions.  Try it!

Kelly Reark is a native Floridian and e-PRO® with Gasparilla Properties, Inc. in Boca Grande, Southwest Florida. Visit her online at www.WaterfrontKelly.com or www.BocaGrandeRealEstateNews.com.

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