My 23 Best Tips to Succeed as a Real Estate Agent

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Neil Goradia

By Neil Goradia

Life, meaning, happiness, success, money: These are all different things to different people— and that is how it should be, right?

This has been a crazy year for me, as I’m sure it’s been for all of us. On top of everything that’s going on in the world, I welcomed my third beautiful baby girl into our family. Thankfully, we have wonderful family and friends surrounding us, constantly giving advice and support.

Now, in a very small way, I hope to give something back. If this post touches and motivates just one person in some, I will be stoked.

So, here I sit, contemplating and writing down ideas that other people have given me. I try to incorporate these wonderful ideas into my daily interactions, both personal and professional, in small ways. That being said, I know I am not 100% perfect, nor am I professing to be. Just ask my wife! However, I try hard each and every day to represent myself, my family, and my profession in the best way that I can.

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With the utmost sincerity, I present to you my 23 best tips, which if you do consistently, will absolutely help you succeed as a real estate agent. I would even go one step further and say that if you work on these 23 tips, you will grow to become the genuine, successful, authentic, trustworthy real estate professional we all want to be known and remembered for.

Once you have read this, I would highly recommend popping over to another great piece of content brought to you by the National Association of REALTORS®.

So without further adieu, let’s get started.

Disclaimer (and one of my top four quotes): “Do as I say, not as I do.”

1. Treat every single client like they are your best client.

2. Use all lead-generating options available to you.

3. Spend time every day growing your business.

4. Take care of all leads, cold, warm, and hot.

5. Your CRM must be scalable.

6. To succeed in real estate, commit 100%.

7. Do not underestimate local business connections for leads.

Let’s take a quick break from my sage advice and let me introduce you to another of my favorite quotes:

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” Love, LOVE, LOVE it! Do you too?

8. Visit and read real estate focused websites, blogs, and news reports.

9. Never ever say never.

10. Network and connect with people who can help you present your listings.

11. Consistently use your website and blog to remain current.

12. Incorporate 3D visual tours and other visual content to showcase your properties.

13. Be a lifelong learner.

14. Create a budget and stick to it.

Wow, who is this guy Neil think he is? If this is what you are thinking, please refer back to quote number one: “Do as I say, not as I do.”

Now for another awesome quote:

“It’s never a problem until it is.” Hmm, what do you think this one means?

15. Always respond to reviews—good and bad.

16. Always remain professional when dealing with other agents, clients, and investors.

17. Understand the value you provide.

18. Document all your business processes to ensure repeatability and scalability.

19. Respond to everyone quickly and reliably.

20. Be the local expert in your community.

21. Do not be afraid to take risks.

22. Stay motivated through learning and smiles.

23. Accountability, consistency, and reliability breeds success.

There they are, my top 23 tips to ensure success in the hyper-competitive industry of real estate. The added bonus is that this advice will cross over into every other part of your life. I am so confident, that I’m giving you my 100% full lifetime money-back guarantee.

Thanks, stay safe and be good to people. That leads me to my fourth and final quote:

“Treat people like you want you and your family to be treated” You know, the good side of the family, not the crazy in-law side. ?

Neil Goradia is the founder of Go Indy Real Estate in Indianapolis. In addition to being an agent, he has a background in fix and flips, land development, and private lending. Connect with him on Facebook.

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    1. I have been part of mastermind groups and had various levels of mentor-ship. I have never officially hired a business coach. I am sure it would be most beneficial. I will add it to the list.

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