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A Primer on the NAR Spire Program and How it Helps Your Business

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By: Ahmed Islam

It’s well-known that most new real estate agents don’t make it past the 5-year mark in the business. To the outside world, real estate seems like an easy job, but any professional in the business knows otherwise. One of the top ways for new agents to succeed is by learning from someone who’s been in the business a while. The guidance, support and wisdom offered by mentors can shape and accelerate an individual’s trajectory toward success in the highly competitive world of real estate. NAR Spire is a Mentorship Program from the National Association of REALTORS®—one that I’ve personally participated in and grown from.

In this article, I’d like to highlight some key aspects of this wonderful program available at no out-of-pocket costs to all NAR members, and acquaint you with the profound effect of mentorship on an individual’s career growth.

NAR SPIRE is an education-based mentorship program that provides exposure to various career paths in real estate and encourages generational wealth through property ownership.

I started with this program as a mentee at NAR Spire’s launch back in 2021. This year, I’m an NAR Spire Mentor for my secondary association, Tri-County Suburban Realtors in Pennsylvania.

In 2021 there were only 30 mentor-mentee pairs; in 2023 there are more than 460 pairs—incredible growth in such a short time! Mentorship serves as a unique medium of knowledge transfer, allowing mentees to tap into the expertise and experience of their mentors. Mentors impart real estate-specific insights, share valuable lessons and offer guidance on navigating challenges. This knowledge transfer equips mentees with the skills and know-how necessary to excel in their profession, empowering them to tackle complex problems and make informed decisions.

Mentorship plays a crucial role in encouraging self-awareness and building confidence. Through regular interactions and feedback from their mentors, mentees gain a deeper understanding of their strengths, areas for improvement and are exposed to a variety of potential career paths. This increased self-awareness enables mentees to make informed career choices, set realistic goals, and take on new challenges with confidence and resilience.

NAR Spire Mentors provide valuable guidance in decision-making and goal-setting, helping mentees align their aspirations with practical strategies. They offer insights, challenge mentees to think critically, and provide facts and information from their own experience.

With the mentor’s support, mentees can set clear career goals, develop actionable plans, and navigate critical crossroads with greater clarity and purpose. Mentorship accelerates the learning curve by offering mentees the opportunity to learn from the successes and failures of their mentors. Rather than reinventing the wheel, mentees can leverage their mentor’s experiences to bypass common pitfalls and progress more efficiently. This accelerated learning curve enables mentees to advance their careers at a faster pace and achieve their goals more effectively.

NAR Spire is a simple four-month mentorship program that runs from July through October each year. Mentors can dedicate anywhere from four to eight hours a month to one-on-one meetings via Zoom or in-person. Mentees are afforded the opportunity to see a day in the life of a successful real estate professional, attend networking events with their mentors and meet other pros in the industry. Moreover, there are 10 virtual education sessions conducted by NAR, which mentees are encouraged to attend.

For associations, there’s immeasurable support from NAR via a designated Spire Champion. The association also provides marketing support, a toolkit, membership portals full of resources and more. Local associations are also encouraged to apply for grants from NAR to help fund the program. Spire can quite literally change the trajectory of a real estate professional’s career. My dream and personal goal is to have every local association in the country offer NAR Spire and join Spire as an association!

Mentorship is a powerful catalyst for career growth, offering many benefits that propel individuals toward success. Through knowledge transfer, expanded networks, enhanced self-awareness and guidance in decision-making, mentors play a crucial role in shaping the professional journey of mentees. The transformative effect of mentorship extends beyond skill development to personal growth, confidence building and accelerated learning. By embracing mentorship, individuals can unlock their full potential, seize opportunities and achieve remarkable career growth and fulfillment.


The NAR Spire 2024 interest form is now open and accepting submissions. Submit your information to learn more about participating in this program –

NAR Spire 2024 Interest Form: tinyurl.com/mrxxpa7p

For Mentees: bit.ly/3pyyuyZ

For Mentors: bit.ly/42xChLR

For Associations: tinyurl.com/2epuz558

Mentorship Portal: mentorship.realtor

Course – ‘Find a Future in Real Estate’: futureinrealestate.realtor

Ahmed brings more than two decades of sales experience to his career in sales. He previously worked at JP Morgan Chase as a licensed banker before becoming a real estate professional and joining NAR as a REALTOR® eight years ago. 

Ahmed is a commercial agent licensed to practice in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey and is a member of Bucks County Association of Realtors®, Tri-County Suburban Realtors® and the Asian Real Estate Association of America Greater Philadelphia Chapter in Pennsylvania. He is currently the Commercial CCIM PA/NJ/DE Chapter Regional Chair for Lehigh Valley and serves on the Pennsylvania Association of ® Legislative Committee. In addition, he is currently featured in the National Association of REALTORS® NAR Spire Mentorship Program for Associations page, is a NAR Spire Mentor and an Ambassador for the NAR Commitment to Excellence (C2EX) program.

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    1. Hey Michael! Thank you for your post. I’m happy you participated as a mentor! Please apply as a mentor again in 2024 and encourage your local associations to join NAR Spire as an associations 👉 tinyurl.com/2epuz558

      You can connect with me on facebook or text me at (717) 900-7626 for more information. Thanks!

      – Ahmed Islam

    1. Sorry Linda! Didn’t see your message until today.

      I’m really happy for your interest in this program – we certainly need more mentors!

      Please see the “Resources” section in my article or click on the NAR Spire 2024 interest form, fill it out and wait for a response from NAR Spire For Mentors here 👉 bit.ly/42xChLR

      The NAR Spire 2024 interest form is now open and accepting submissions. Submit your information to learn more about participating in 2024.

      I also sent you a friend request on facebook. You can connect with me there or text me at (717) 900-7626 for more information. Thanks!

      – Ahmed Islam

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