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Open Mouth, Insert Foot

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Crystal Webster

Crystal Webster

By Crystal Webster

When I first got into the business I thought I knew it all – rookie mistake. I knew everything there was to know about Kansas City (yes, the whole GIANT city). My business was the perfect model. My processes were the best to be had. And my broker was the best broker anywhere in the world – for everyone. Pair that with a couple bad transactions early on with another one of the larger brokers in the area and I started running my mouth off – mostly to friends and family, but to a few potential clients as well.

Bad news: I lost credibility in their eyes, and it’s A LOT of work to try to rebuild that credibility. I’m still not sure it can ever be fully restored. Early on, it’s easy to forget how important it is to “save face” and not tick people off – especially in the age of social media. The lesson I learned was to keep my big mouth shut! I still have plenty of opinions but I don’t share them with just anyone.

So learn from my mistakes. It’s very important to censor yourself – probably even more then you think you should. You never know who you will offend someone because they live in that area that you hate, know a guy that works for the company that is “run by idiots,” or they have a brother that works for that lender… But don’t worry; I still do think that my business model, processes, knowledge, and broker are the best – for me.

Crystal Webster is a REALTOR® in the Kansas City area. Visit her networking site at www.kcyoungprofessionals.com and her Web site and blog at www.theheritagehometeam.com.

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