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It’s Easy Being Green

Blog Contributor Environmental, green, Helpful Tools 3 Comments

By Crystal Webster *OK, I was at the midnight premiere of the Muppet Movie—alone—because no one else would go with me. But the movie did serve as inspiration for the title of this post. I am not a hemp-wearing tree hugger, but I do care for the environment. I’m not environmentally-friendly for business reasons, I do it for myself. It’s …

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Play Offense Instead of Defense With Your Deals

Blog Contributor Being a REALTOR®, Business Challenges, Professional Development, Sales & Marketing 2 Comments

By Crystal Webster DISCLAIMER: Please read this as a challenge; a challenge to use our predecessors as a spring board to do bigger and better. In case you aren’t aware, we’re in a heat wave – it’s REALLY hot. My car thermostat has said at least 100 degrees for the past 2 weeks straight, and that’s not even with the …

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Blog Contributor Classes & Education, Personal Fulfillment, Professional Development 1 Comment

By Crystal Webster The Get Motivated seminar series recently came to Kansas City and I was pretty excited to go! On top of tickets being about $5;  Bill Cosby, Joe Montana, Laura Bush, Gen. Colin Powell, Rudy Giuliani, Steve Forbes, John Walsh (the list goes on and on) were speaking. I had some difficult closings happening that week, but aren’t …

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How Do You Run Your Business?

Blog Contributor Business Challenges, Helpful Tools 2 Comments

By Crystal Webster I’ve been to a national office supply store what seems to be about every day this month in an attempt to get ready for the spring and summer months. Occasionally, I purchase the wrong item and it takes me a little bit to return it to the store. I returned a day planner the other day because …

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How Not to Network

Blog Contributor Business Challenges, communication, Sales & Marketing, Technology & Social Media 4 Comments

By Crystal Webster Let me tell you a little story of what actually happened to me just the other day: I met with a new client just out of college. We met through one of my networking groups and he seemed like a very nice guy. At the end of our meeting he suggested I come and “check out what …

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Why is Real Estate Seen as an Extracurricular?

Blog Contributor Being a REALTOR®, Business Challenges 2 Comments

By Crystal Webster Do you ever feel like you’re back in high school and trying to get your college application all put together? At least for me, during the final push for college grades didn’t matter, classes were out the window, and books were only for propping open your door. The extracurricular section of the application got 100 percent of …

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Doctors Make the Worst Patients…

Blog Contributor Business Challenges, Personal Fulfillment 1 Comment

By Crystal Webster …And REALTORS® make the worst clients. Has anyone else had the “privilege” of working with another REALTOR® – or even purchasing a home for themselves? I use the word privilege very loosely. 😉 Some of you may remember, I began looking for my new personal residence back in September. I am pleased to inform you that I …

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Don’t Be a Secret Agent

Blog Contributor Professional Development, Sales & Marketing Leave a Comment

By Crystal Webster Insert the popular 60’s song here. My mentor reminds me of this on a regular basis. What’s the use of being in real estate (or insurance, or sales, or anything for that matter) if no one knows? You’re not a super spy, you’re not doing covert ops, and you’re not incognito. Be proud of what you do, …

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This Whole ‘Work/Life Balance’ Thing

Blog Contributor Business Challenges, Personal Fulfillment, Work/Life Balance Leave a Comment

By Crystal Webster At my former corporate job, “work/life balance” seemed to be the catch phrase of the month. I worked in a very demanding job (90+ hours a week most weeks demanding), but as long as the façade of work/life balance was there, it was all good. Fast forward a few years to now; and I’m working for myself. …

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Open Mouth, Insert Foot

Blog Contributor Being a REALTOR®, Business Challenges, Professional Development 1 Comment

By Crystal Webster When I first got into the business I thought I knew it all – rookie mistake. I knew everything there was to know about Kansas City (yes, the whole GIANT city). My business was the perfect model. My processes were the best to be had. And my broker was the best broker anywhere in the world – …