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It’s Easy Being Green

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Crystal Webster

By Crystal Webster

*OK, I was at the midnight premiere of the Muppet Movie—alone—because no one else would go with me. But the movie did serve as inspiration for the title of this post.

I am not a hemp-wearing tree hugger, but I do care for the environment. I’m not environmentally-friendly for business reasons, I do it for myself. It’s like a game to see how much “trash” I can keep out of the garage can or how I can reduce my monthly expenses.

Here are some of my tips to help make you green and save you green:

Print your showing information to PDF and use PDF Expert to view it (and write on it) on your iPad while showing buyers. You can even go a step further — do the same for your clients; hand them an iPad with all the MLS printouts, allow them to take notes and then email the document to them after showings.

Quit buying bottled water. Invest the $5 in a water bottle (without the straw please, that’s yucky) and fill it with water from your Brita Pitcher. Wash it and use it again! I bought some BPA-free, recycled, compostable water bottles with my logo. I fill them with distilled water (that I “brew” myself, I don’t buy it) and let them take the bottle at the end of our first showing. The second showing I have another set of bottles there, but I ask they leave the bottle so I can reuse it the next time. When they close on their home they get their bottles, and a Brita pitcher, as part of their closing gift.

Buy recycled, compostable, or reused promotional products. And get fewer, larger shipments to cut down on shipping costs and emissions to get them to you. I just bought pens made out of pop bottles and newspapers.

Pick a day of the week to stay at home. Catch up on paperwork, phone calls, file clean up, and whatever else you need. You’ll save the gas and you’ll force yourself to plan your other days around town a little better and cut down on back and forth driving.

Buy a Hybrid car. Always drive your clients with you.

Save all of your single-side printed paper. Use it as scrap paper or print on the other side. Once you’ve printed on both sides you can recycle it.

Take the “pretty” heading off of your MLS printouts. Replace it with just the facts. Your ink cartridges will go much further — and we all know how expensive those are!

Use Docusign, DotLoop, or another e-signature program to reduce printing out contracts (or having your clients do it).

Crystal Webster is a REALTOR® in the Kansas City area. Visit her at www.kcyoungprofessionals.com and www.theheritagehometeam.com.

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