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Leverage LinkedIn to Build Your Real Estate Business

Tezeta Roro Marketing, Networking, Outreach, Technology & Social Media 7 Comments

By: Tezeta Roro Linkedin is the platform to access a digital Rolodex of high-earning individuals. In today’s internet-driven world, having a LinkedIn profile is a must for professionals. This means that you, too, should be on this platform to make quality connections and attract quality clients. The good news is that if you use Facebook, Linkedin will be an easy …

Dominating Social Media for Your Real Estate Business

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By Rebecca Donatelli

It’s no secret that social media dominates today’s technology-based society, and has become a crucial part of everyday life for most. The rapid spread of news, celebrity gossip, and the genuine interest in other people’s lives has made social media the prime go-to resource to stay up-to-date.

The world we live in today is a digital one, …

The Biggest Social Media Fails in Real Estate

Blog Contributor Technology & Social Media 18 Comments

By Bill Gassett It’s no secret that social media is a must in the world of real estate. Today’s buyers and sellers turn the to various platforms and make snap judgments on what you have to offer. You do get points for actually having accounts on all of the main platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest), but if you’re …

10 Ways to Get The Most Out of LinkedIn

Blog Contributor Helpful Tools, Professional Development, Sales & Marketing, Social Media 34 Comments

By Bill Gassett What do you think LinkedIn is for? Is it just for people who are trying to find a new job? Should you only visit it if you want to recruit somebody? Or is it one of the best ways to grow your real estate business? If you chose the third option, you are correct. In fact, HubSpot, …

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Social Media: Are You Doing it Wrong?

Blog Contributor Professional Development, Sales & Marketing, Technology & Social Media 8 Comments

By Scott Newman You’re on Facebook and Twitter four hours a day and you’re telling me you haven’t closed a lot of business lately?  Of course not!  Social media is just a tool in your arsenal — and when used effectively and efficiently it can help you cultivate business.  So, how do you best use social media to benefit your …

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Determining the Value of a LinkedIn Endorsement

Blog Contributor Helpful Tools, Technology & Social Media 8 Comments

By Stefanie Hahn I loved the idea of endorsements on LinkedIn.  A fast, easy way to show someone what you are truly great at in your career.  When I dove more into endorsements, seeing how LinkedIn displays and asks your first level connections to endorse your skills and expertise, I was a bit disappointed in the not-so-random nature of which …

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Is Your SEO Helping You SELL?

Blog Contributor Professional Development, Sales & Marketing, Technology & Social Media 6 Comments

By Melissa Krchnak I’m often asked by REALTORS® how they can increase their online presence. What’s the best blogging platform? Which social media site will yield more ROI? Should I beef up my e-mail signature? What should I put on my Facebook page? How many Craigslist ads should I post a day and when? The answer is simple: Stop getting in your …

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How Not to Network

Blog Contributor Business Challenges, communication, Sales & Marketing, Technology & Social Media 4 Comments

By Crystal Webster Let me tell you a little story of what actually happened to me just the other day: I met with a new client just out of college. We met through one of my networking groups and he seemed like a very nice guy. At the end of our meeting he suggested I come and “check out what …

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Create Your Own Social Media Policy

Blog Contributor Professional Development, Technology & Social Media, Work/Life Balance 3 Comments

By Stefanie Hahn Social Media policies are becoming commonplace with businesses today.  Companies want to make sure their employees understand what online behaviors will not be tolerated of their charges.  For many of us, these “tolerated” behaviors seem obvious, but we all know that one guy or girl who likes to share a little too much. I think it’s important …

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Be Part of the Chain, Get LinkedIn

Blog Contributor Professional Development, Technology & Social Media 5 Comments

By Stefanie Hahn LinkedIn- www.LinkedIn.com: This is one social media tool that I recommend for all real estate agents.  LinkedIn is your Web 2010 resume.  When consumers Google your name – and they are Googling your name – you want your LinkedIn profile to show up in the results. What is LinkedIn?  In a nutshell, it’s your online resume, complete …