Best SEO Practices for Real Estate Agents

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By Anita Clark Real estate agents are always vying for the top spot on Google in their area but are quickly squashed by the big guys – Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, etc. They have bigger marketing budgets, faster websites, professional marketing and SEO teams, and every detail of a listing covered. How can your average real estate agent not just survive …

How to Promote Your Real Estate Blog

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By Anita Clark Finding it difficult to make an impact with your real estate blog? In this industry, half the battle is making sure that your traffic is actually relevant. Use these guidelines below to do exactly that, then take a look at this extended guide to creating and promoting real estate content. The last thing you want your blog …

Become a Local Real Estate Expert Online

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By Ryan Fitzgerald One of the best things you can do for your real estate business is to become the local expert online. It starts with content creation for your blog or website. To attract local buyers or sellers to your site, you have to produce articles, videos, photos, inforgraphics, and other posts that help local consumers who are seeking …

Google My Business, Google+ Builds SEO

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By Bill Gassett There is no question that using Google Plus is important for a real estate agent looking to capture business from social media. What is often overlooked – and probably even more important – is using Google My Business (formerly Google Local) to tie your business in through search. When someone does a search for a local business …

9 Features of a Great Real Estate Website

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By Charlie Allred Ninety percent of home buyers search for their new home online. Knowing this statistic, how is your online presence? Most real estate agents have the website their broker provided them, however, these are merely a page on the brokerage’s website that bring absolutely no leads to the individual real estate agent. I think of most static real …

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Is Your SEO Helping You SELL?

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By Melissa Krchnak I’m often asked by REALTORS® how they can increase their online presence. What’s the best blogging platform? Which social media site will yield more ROI? Should I beef up my e-mail signature? What should I put on my Facebook page? How many Craigslist ads should I post a day and when? The answer is simple: Stop getting in your …

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Ugly Website Syndrome

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By Ryan Gervais Do you suffer from ugly website syndrome?  Does your website have a twin? If you answered yes to either question, it is time to “get real,” as Dr. Phil would say, and develop a better brand image for your website.  In my last article, I gave a bold statement: to try and help every reader get one …

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Maximizing Your Website’s ROI

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By Ryan Gervais The first thing almost every new REALTOR® is told when they get in the business is to get a website. New agents usually ask their broker or fellow agents where to go to fulfill this seemingly important task, and they usually choose an out-of-the-box template solution. These cookie-cutter solutions do offer the convenience of getting up and …

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5 Tips to Get More From Your Real Estate Testimonials

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By David Krichmar Testimonials are a very important asset to you.  Heck, what better way to show your “The Best REALTOR®” then with testimonials from past clients?  Here are five great tips to get more out of your testimonials: 1. Content– “Dave is great,” is not a testimonial.  You will want to be at least a paragraph, four-to-five sentences.  Let the client …

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Get It, Got It, Google +1 It

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By Stefanie Hahn You have your Google profile, right? Well now it’s time to start using Google +1. Haven’t heard of it? Think of it as the Facebook “like” button for the Internet. Watch this tutorial video to see how Google +1 works and consider adding the function to your website and/or blog to vamp up your SEO. Stefanie Hahn …