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5 Tips to Get More From Your Real Estate Testimonials

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David Krichmar

David Krichmar

By David Krichmar

Testimonials are a very important asset to you.  Heck, what better way to show your “The Best REALTOR®” then with testimonials from past clients?  Here are five great tips to get more out of your testimonials:

1. Content– “Dave is great,” is not a testimonial.  You will want to be at least a paragraph, four-to-five sentences.  Let the client paint the picture of the  great job you did.  This means do not just post the good parts or shorten it.  Putting “Kim did a good job,” in quotation marks makes me feel like you cut out the part where Kim did something not so good.

2. Key Words- In anything we do online we want keywords.  This is how you get found on the Internet.  So highlight the keywords that your client uses in their testimonial, such as the town, county, subdivision, builder’s name, etc. of the home.  If the client does not mention them, add them after the testimonial.

3. Links- Just like keywords, we also want links that point to our websites.  If the client mentions a keyword, such as “Sugar Land, Texas,” have it link back to your website.  Especially if this is an area that you specialize in.   This is also a great idea for school districts, subdivisions, etc. that are mentioned on your website, blog posts, and/or Facebook pages. 

4. Say Thanks- As we all know it takes many parties to get a deal closed.  Mention them after the testimonial, the lender, title company, inspector, etc.  And a link to their company website.  This is for two reasons, to say thank you to that person and hope they do the same for you.  And when someone searches for those companies, most likely your “testimonial” will pop up since their company name is a key word.  Try it!!

5. Show It Off- Once you have some testimonials show them off.  The most important place will be your website, add a testimonial page.  You can also do a testimonial as a blog post.  Then you can post that on Facebook, Facebook Page, Twitter, ActiveRain, etc.  You can also put a link to the testimonials in your email signature and blog signature.

I believe testimonials are an under used tool.  Take advantage of your satisfied clients kind words and help yourself get some addition exposure.

David Krichmar has been in the real estate business since age 19 and is currently a mortgage expert in Sugar Land, Texas. Connect with him at www.daveyourmortgageguy.com or @DaveMortgageGuy.

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