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Reach Your Goals By Leaning On Your Network

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Matt Clements

By: Matt Clements

When I was a young pro surfer, on tour and competing around the world, I had a coach, and a team manager. Actually, I had multiple team managers: one manager for each one of my sponsors—some better than others—but all there to help me perform and grow.

I leaned on these people, not because I was the world champion, but rather because I was curious and determined to learn. I fully knew that they were much smarter than me, and much more experienced. So, I was a sponge for new information to help my journey. And it worked!

To become the best, you must surround yourself with the best. It’s that simple.

I get together with my hero in the real estate business every quarter, just so I can shadow him, because my business emulates his. He quietly sells over $100 million year after year, and all by referral. Now I have a target to aim for. And by spending time with him, I know it is attainable. So, I study him more than anybody. I take rigorous notes. I put those notes into my journal and make them real.

The reality is that it doesn’t matter if you’re a rookie or a 20-year veteran, we all need people, especially in real estate sales.

When my numbers entered into the realm of “significant,” I wanted more sales. I needed more to reach my goals. So, I got the support I needed through coaching and mentorship. I started with my own coach, who helped me to double my income and triple my free time. I found the golden formula, and I haven’t deviated since. Fourteen years in, and I’m still being coached. I’ll never let that go. My system works, my numbers are good, my work-life balance is great, and I still find value in and know that I need a coach. I know that there’s always room for improvement, no matter how good things are, and I believe in having a growth mindset.

When you’re in a season of growth and are looking at how to get to that next step, whether that means securing your first deal, scaling your team or making it to that next income mark, find yourself a mentor or a coach. If it isn’t in your budget to hire someone right now, use the tools you have at your disposal: your office manager for 1-on- 1 personal meetings. This is the #1 person who has your success and interests in mind. If they don’t, you know what the next step will be, which is identifying the person who does have your best interest in mind and connecting yourself with them.

In this post-pandemic work, it can be someone in the office around the corner, another marketplace or across the country. Find someone who has the business you want for yourself or someone who can mentor you to the next step. The bottom line is to learn and implement their habits and skills. “It’s your skills that will pay your bills” as my coach Brian Buffini says.

It is just as important to know what is working in your business, and what’s not. I found that over 90% of my sales are by referral, so I do things that elicit more referrals and more warm conversations. These interactions tend to create more clients, the type who are loyal and continue to refer me. That’s who I really want to represent. I always go the extra mile for them, and they always praise and tout my service to others. It’s very personal, so I talk to them a lot!

YPN is an environment that fosters trust and loyalty, and we’re surrounded by people who can help us grow and develop in our business. Mentorship and coaching are literally built into our culture! I know this from experience. I’ve had friends from across the country and Canada that I can call to  get great advice, and these are the people that tend to refer me to their family and friends.

In Chicago, I have Tommy Choi, legend and dear friend. In San Antonio, there’s Philip Becker. I’ve spoken at his brokerage on more than one occasion. In Seattle, there’s my dear friend Georgia Lee Wall Stevens, who I trust and love as a friend. If it’s New York, it’s Kyle Kelly. See how the country just got a lot smaller?

You’re not alone in YPN. This is the place where you can reach out, ask for help, and develop lasting relationships and mentorships. Its kind of like the theme song from “Friends”

I’ll…..Be…..There….For…..You. And so, it is with YPN. We’ll be there for you.

Matt Clements is an exceptionally well-connected, 4th generation real estate agent with 21 years of professional experience, Matt Clements brings an incredible breadth of industry knowledge, a proven track record of success and a glowing reputation to his role at Keller Williams Luxury International in his hometown of Laguna Niguel, Calif. To date, his sales volume exceeds $95 million in CA residential home sales. Founder of the Orange County Young Professionals Network, author of the Young Professionals Network Playbook and CEO of The Clements Group, Matt has a stellar commitment and interest in both the local real estate realm and the industry on a national level.

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