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So You Think You’re YPN…

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Rob Reuter

Rob Reuter

By Rob Reuter, YPN manager

Okay, so you’ve registered as a YPN member through REALTOR® Magazine’s Web site, joined your local and state YPN Chapter, and “Friended”/”Liked” YPN REALTORS on Facebook (if not, make sure you do all of the above).  Well, now we have one more item to add to that list: You can now designate yourself as a YPN member in NRDS. For detailed instructions on how, please check out the how-to video prepared by YPN’s 2011 Chair Brian Copeland here: http://bit.ly/at7Zzb.

What’s the what-have-you-done-for-me-lately point?  Well, it is the National REALTOR® Database and having the YPN designation in there makes you that much more officially YPN.  We’re hoping to draw future e-mail lists from this database and it will take you less than one minute to do.  Who knows, maybe we will require this designation to attend YPN events at the Midyear and Annual meetings and you wouldn’t want to miss what we have planned for New Orleans!

So if you are passionate about YPN and want to make sure you are up to speed with everything YPN, please follow Brian’s instructions and designate yourself in NRDS.  And if you haven’t registered for NARdiGras, make sure you do so: http://www.realtor.org/convention.nsf/.   See you in The Big Easy!

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