Starved for Networking Events While Social Distancing? The New(ish) Clubhouse App Can Help

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Lee Davenport

By Lee Davenport

In case you missed it, we are still social distancing. As a result, I have heard from many real estate pros asking how they can get in front of people and be part of a community online. You know, the OGs of connecting virtually with groups of new people on Facebook, Eventbrite, and Snapchat, to just name a few. Well, the “new kid on the block” that’s quickly becoming the go-to for high-quality online connections and networking is the Clubhouse app.  The Clubhouse is a drop-in audio chat app and it’s giving networking life in the midst of a pandemic. How so?

You can join real conversations on issues that matter to you with those who live in your community and are leaders of your community.

One my FIRST FREAKIN’ DAY on the Clubhouse app, I dropped in on a discussion (you actually speak, not text) that included U.S. mayors, real estate developers, and celebrities, along with journalists like Gayle King and Van Jones discussing changes to improve the community. What the what?! No TikTok dance video has brought me this much connection to actual members and changemakers (including random celebrities, like MC Hammer) in my surrounding community.

Real community members, leaders, and celebrities.

You can generate leads.

It is no secret that when we gather with people, we will likely find someone who needs a professional to help them buy or sell real estate. It has been hard to gather while socially distant and not have awkward conversations, but that experience is organic to this app. Again, on my first day using the app in a different “room” (rooms are the meetings you can drop into to listen and even click the “raise your hand” icon to speak), I heard from different real estate pros that had been able to “wheel and deal” from this app. Travis is one example of someone who has done it (see my yellow highlight below).

Lead generation (highlighted in yellow) from the Clubhouse app.

Plus, you can host—or partner with other professionals or vendors to host—a room for networking. For example, if pre-pandemic, you reveled in hosting seminars for new buyers, double-dippers (my term for moving-up or downsizing sellers who simultaneously become buyers), relocators, investors, or whatever else suits your fancy, then Clubhouse is the virtual way to “get’er done” in a pandemic.

Below, see an example of the real estate team that hosted a first-time homebuyers room. Notice they had 224 participants (a.k.a. 224 LEADS and/or referrals). How so? The Clubhouse app allows you to follow attendees in rooms, whether you are the room host or not. Additionally, some Clubhouse members include their contact information in their bio (such as links to Instagram, Twitter, or just their outright email address). Score!

Clubhouse rooms facilitate lead generation (see yellow highlights).

You don’t have to be camera-ready like on Zoom, Skype, or FaceTime.

After several months of having to be on high definition videos that captured whatever may be going on in our homes (from kids to pets to nude body parts—ugh) creating Zoom-fatigue, it is refreshing to make meaningful connections without the need to be picture-perfect. With the Clubhouse, you see people’s profile pictures while hearing them speak since the app works from our smartphones. That may sound old-school, like just a party phone or conference line, but the ability to connect in real-time to the Instagram or Twitter accounts of those who you want to connect with further, and send them a DM (direct message) or create a private room where you can have an audio conversation to explore and engage more, is very refreshing in a socially distant world.

Find topics that interest your business.

For me (again on my FIRST day), although I had done my nighttime routine (yes, pimple cream and glasses were on), this videoless app gave me the courage to raise my virtual hand to join the speakers’ panel in one of the rooms.  I spoke up on what matters to me and was able to make a deal happen offline. Boom! 

How do you join?

You may have heard that Clubhouse is an invitation-only app, so you probably did not even bother to look it up in the app store. Well, I have a secret hack for you. Visit the Clubhouse website, download the app, and sign-up for the waitlist (there is currently no fee), allowing access to your phone’s contacts. This will speed up the process of having someone who is already on the app and knows you (or, at the least has your phone number plugged into their phone), then inviting you to the app. For me, it took only about a day after I joined the waitlist, but the point is if you don’t join the waitlist, you may miss out altogether.

By the way, you can ask your contacts that have been bragging about their exchanges on the Clubhouse app if they can send you an invite. I have sent invites to co-workers, family, and friends at their request since I joined. FYI—Clubhouse only seems to give new users five or so invitations to dole out, so be sure to act fast.

Lastly, the Clubhouse app is free TODAY. However, there have been talks that, due to its popularity, Clubhouse may begin to charge for access to premium content. In other words, you may have to pay for what’s free today, so you know what to do.

I can’t wait for you to have some business-making conversations in the Clubhouse. Please keep me posted when you do by connecting with me @learnwithdrlee!

I would love to hear from you. Give me a shout on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, or by visiting And, be sure to tell the real estate agents you know to get a copy of the five-star rated workbook, Plan to Win!, to transform their real estate sales game plan. Here’s to your success.

Dr. Lee Davenport is an Atlanta-based real estate coach who trains agents, teams, brokerages, and other business organizations on how to use today’s technology to work smarter. Join Lee’s free RE Tech Insider’s Club by visiting www.LearnWithLee.REALTOR.

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  2. Thanks for sharing ideas to utilize this “new” social media platform. However, being that’s it’s an invite only app and that it’s only available for iPhone seems like it’s cutting out a lot of “realtors” additional I believe it would create a “smaller” lead pool as well. Also, with any “new” social media one must see if it “fits” their business plan and make sure it’s not a time waster and it actually is positive for your business.

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