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The New Real Estate Niche… Space!

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Brooke Wolford

Brooke Wolford

By Brooke Wolford

I recently read about the launch of Space X’s Falcon 9 Rocket’s launch into space.  For those of you who don’t know, the rocket was privately designed to bring cargo to the International Space Station. It was also designed with the intention of one day carrying passengers into space.

Robert Bigelow of Bigelow Aerospace is considering bringing real estate to orbit.  Bigelow is the man behind Budget Suites of America and has made a fortune in real estate.

His plans for inflatable six-person space stations could be ready later this decade.  These small space stations would cost $395 million a year.  Not to mention the possible $20 million ride per seat to get there. Sound Crazy?

Well in all actuality, it’s not. It’s inevitable that one day there could be real estate in space. Obviously the world is been fascinated with the idea and there are several companies buying into it.

Have you ever seen the advertisements for buying a deed for a parcel of land on the moon? After some research I found that 2.5 million people purchased these at $19.99. This, however, is considered a scam. You basically pay for a nice piece of paper as there is no way to validate the legality of the title.

However, the owner of one of these companies, Dennis Hope of Lunar Embassy claims that he owns the moon and all of the planets in the solar system except for Earth. I am starting to think that he is possibly an alien.

I have boggled myself trying to imagine what life would be like for a REALTOR(R) in space.  What would my mileage be like taking my clients on flights to some bubble house in space?  Would it ever really become cost effective for the “average Joe”?  What would the legal descriptions be like? “Lot 1, Orbit 2…”

Rregardless of how ridiculous this all sounds, it’s a sign that we are all in a constantly changing business.  You need to be ready for the future and be on top the next big thing in real estate!

Brooke Wolford is a real estate practitioner with Edina Realty, Hastings, Minn.  Follow her blog at adventuresinrookierealestate.blogspot.com.

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