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Three Steps to Overcoming Life Obstacles

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Brandon Rodriguez

By Brandon Rodriguez

In real estate we always talk about the best technology, the social networking, the closing of a sale.  We sometimes forget we are not super heroes, we are human.  Our livelihood is dependent on our personalities and how we deal with stress.  We all know real estate can be stressful.  So how does one move on?  The same determination, ambition and will-power that got you in the business will get you over the obstacle.

I see this day in, day out, practitioners give up because life placed a mountain in front of them that seems impossible to climb and overcome. That agent that was moving forward has now decided to get out of the business because of financial or personal issues.  It does not have to be that way.

Why am I talking about overcoming life obstacles?  I want practitioners to know they are not alone and to stay in the business.  In December my grandmother was placed in ICU.  She raised me from birth and I called her mom.  My business was doing great, I won a national award, and then tragedy happens.  I placed everything on hold to be by her side.  She was bad and we had to make tough life changing decisions.  Mid January she passed away.  My heart was torn, and my mind confused.  I could of fallen into a deep depression, and given up on my company, agents, and business.  This was not something I was expecting, nor ready to deal with.  This obstacle could have ended my career. 

We have to step back and remember why we got into the real estate business, to help people and make money.  It would not be fair to my grandmother or family if I just gave up.  It is not fair to you and your family to give up either.  We take our situation and push that much harder.  You must find it within yourself to overcome your challenges.

So how do we do this?  First, you must not dwell on the past, this can not be changed.  Second, take a deep breathe and take that next step to the future.  I know some obstacles are more complicated than others and it still seems impossible to do step one and two.  It is not uncommon for us second guess our careers, most of us have done it a time or two.

Here is a formula I would like for you to use when you feel overwhelmed with your obstacle.

1.  Plan

2.  Be Strategical

3.  Execute

First, plan your your steps, go back to the basics write them down if you have too. Second, be strategical with your plan: how are you going to meet your goal? Third, execute your strategy, put it into place, and do not look back.

Here is how it helped me, when my grandmother passed away. I had two months of not working, meaning I was not getting referrals, leads, prospecting, sending ads out, nothing.  I felt I was back at square when when I first obtained my license.  (Key word being “felt”).

I planned on coming back to Dallas and starting over, my strategy was to call and notify my vendors and business partners how I was doing and what my situation was and contact prospects. I executed my strategy and moved to the next level.

My reasoning for writing this blog was to assure you that it is okay to be human.  Our futures depend on what we do today.  As Donald Trump once said, “It is easy to do nothing, but who wants nothing.”

Brandon Rodriguez is the principal broker of BrandonMichael & Associates located in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Visit his Web site: www.bmatexas.com.

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