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Agent/Broker Relationships: Who Wears the Pants?

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By Brandon Rodriguez When I first became an agent just shy over 7 years ago, I was a novice and this dichotomy was not apparent to me.  I was under the impression brokers were in charge.  They gave you a desk space or office, nice decorated conference rooms, brochures, and you could even do desk duty for them.  Not to …

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‘Mr. Seller, Tear Down That Wall!’

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By Brandon Rodriguez Barriers are never good when selling a house.  I know that all the good agents know this and have instructed to their clients the harm this can cause.  However, the barriers are still up. One weekend, I scheduled property to show for a client.  The list was ready and the phone calls to our Centralized Showing System …

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Three Steps to Overcoming Life Obstacles

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By Brandon Rodriguez In real estate we always talk about the best technology, the social networking, the closing of a sale.  We sometimes forget we are not super heroes, we are human.  Our livelihood is dependent on our personalities and how we deal with stress.  We all know real estate can be stressful.  So how does one move on?  The …