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To That One Person, You’re Pineapple

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Melissa Krchnak

By Melissa Krchnak

For everyone who laughs at a joke a comedian makes, there’s that one person that doesn’t get it. And yet the comedian doesn’t change his joke. For every person who appreciates you being on top of it with your follow-up, there’ll be that one person who thinks you’re too aggressive. Don’t stop your pursuit of success.

I heard someone on Oprah talking about how life can be tough if you take things personally. She used the analogy of someone not liking her to herself not liking pineapple. So, when she doesn’t like that one person or they didn’t like her, it is akin to her not liking pineapple. It’s not personal; it’s just that the two aren’t meant to work together.

So, to my YPN cohort: Don’t get hung up on that one person who thinks of you like pineapple. For so many others, you’re exactly who they want.

Melissa Krchnak is the assistant team leader for Keller Williams Realty in Rancho Cucamonga, Calif. Connect with her at kwrancho.com.

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