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Turning your idea of a real estate conference upside down.

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One year ago today, the expectation involved in how a real estate conference has to be structured was turned on its ear. One year ago today, RE BarCamp San Francisco marked the real estate industry’s entry into the world of un-conferences.

What’s an unconference? What does BarCamp mean? Don’t let the odd names scare you off. Simply put, this is a user driven conference. The audience drives the topics. The audience can get as involved as they want in every session. The best sessions are not as much presentations as they are discussions. The speakers are really just facilitators. Now here’s the best part. The schedule isn’t even made until the day of the event. Sometimes, sessions are even created on the fly.

This sort of event could never work with a room full of real estate agents, right?

The first RE BarCamp, held the day before Inman Connect last summer drew nearly 200 participants. It was so successful, and drew so many  positive reviews, that Inman actually hosted an Re BarCamp during their January Connect event in New York. Since then, more than 30 of these events have either been completed or are in planning. Often, it’s the participants of these events that go on to organize them in their own region. Just this spring NAR hosted RE BarCamp Chicago and is helping to bring this real estate unconference to San Diego, just before the annual conference.

RE BarCamp and YPN.

Often, new agents feel like there’s a disconnect in how they want to market and what’s popular with the establishment. RE BarCamp is the place where progressive ideas in real estate are being discussed. Forget about Facebook pages, this is Face 2 Face. This is a great opportunity to meet with like minded REALTORS. Chances are, an RE BarCamp event is coming to a market near you very soon. If not, plan your own. Those who have already done so are happy to help.

Upcoming RE BarCamp Events

San Francisco August 4th
Columbus August 20th
Miami September 14th
Lynchburg October 8th
Washington DC October 27th

Plus details on Pittsburgh, Albuquerque, Ocean City, Raleigh, Austin, Indianapolis, Toronto, and of course San Diego are coming soon.

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