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Hello?! Is Anybody Listening?

Darrin Friedman Outreach, Professional Development, YPN News 4 Comments

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By Darrin Friedman

ypn_friedman_darrinQuestion: Are you out there?

Answer: No – you’re not!

Not all that long ago I was asked to be a contributing blogger for the YPN Lounge, a blogging community made up of youngish real estate pros and brokers from across the country to share their unique perspective while maintaining a nurturing environment.

What happened?  We let each other down.

Please don’t get me wrong, after all, our intentions were wonderful!  But intentions can only take us so far.  We must communicate.  We MUST interact. The whole point of blogging, or any other social media, for that matter, is to have a conversation.  We never did.

And no matter the intentions, until we actively respond to each other on these platforms we will never become better at what we want most – BETTER at what we do, or grow by learning from the best resource there is – each other.

Until we, the next generation in real estate, accept this role – we might end up stuck on a path others have a tried; where tired voices echoing in a passive chamber of apathy scream out to no avail.  Why?  Because no one wants to bother to listen or for that matter – ANSWER!

Darrin Friedman is the branch vice president of Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage in Chevy Chase, Md. and a member of the 2009 YPN-national Advisory Board.

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Comments 4

  1. Hi Darrin,

    I agree with you! It is not easy to get people to shout back, but I will say like Janet…I am listening!

    Thank you for contributing!


    Amanda Jane Hofstetter
    Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage
    Annapolis Plaza

  2. This is Dr. Frazer Crane, “I’m listening.”

    It’s probably just hard to get this going. Bloodhound, etc…attract attention with attitude. I hope this isn’t like a “teen center” – made for kids but by folks with rules who don’t let it become too dangerous (or fun.)

    Personally, I’d stick this on a WordPress BuddyPress or MU Blog or a ning.com network and turn it into a party. The young networking events I most enjoyed always revolved around a bar and half of the people hooking up.

    I’m 37. Aren’t I too old for this?

  3. I just started listening. I found YPN Lounge off of your latest article in the March REALTOR magazine. By the way, I loved the article Gen X Wants Respect. I do not care any less about others when I communicate via text, email, Facebook, Twitter and now blogging! You have my full attention and respect no matter what form of communication I use. I look forward to communicating on YPN Lounge now too.

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