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What Feeling Are You After?

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Jared James

Jared James

By Jared James

All goals really have nothing to do with money or other things. Think about it. Are you really after a bunch of pieces of paper with dead people on them? No. Everyone of us is after a feeling whether it be power, security, influence or whatever. Take a moment and watch the video below and then reassess why do you want what you want?

PS. Do I look completely exhausted in this video? I literally flew in just before recording this after being on the road for almost 3 weeks. I promise to be more spruced up on my next vlog! 🙂

Jared James is the CEO and founder of Jared James Enterprises (JJE) and travels around North America speaking to and coaching REALTORS®. Connect with Jared at www.jaredjamestoday.com, on facebook.com/jaredjamestoday, or follow him on Twitter @jaredjamestoday.

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