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7 Offline Marketing Ideas (Part II)

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David Krichmar

David Krichmar

By David Krichmar

And now for  Part 2.  (Check out part 1 here.)

4. Magnet Sign– “No one has ever called off a car magnet.” Really?  Ask around your office — someone has gotten a deal off their magnet sign on their car.  Get a nice and easy-to-read magnet for your car.  Heck, how else can someone tell you sell real estate when they see you at a traffic light?

5. Name Tags- Yes, trust me, I know. No one has ever said, “You look amazing in that outfit. Now if only you had a tacky looking name tag, the outfit would be complete!!”  But just like with magnets, it gives you the easiest and most direct way to make sure everyone knows you sell real estate.  Make sure the name tag is direct and easy to read.  Heck, make it catchy.  Maybe a name tag that just says “Looking to buy a home? Ask me!”  How much does a name tag cost? Maybe $15 on the high side?

6. Open House- Again, no one likes them… which gives you an even better opportunity to ask REALTORS® in your office if you can hold an open house for them, for one of their listings.  It helps get that REALTOR® more traffic for their listing and it helps you get some new potential buyers.   You can also try this approach with smaller home builders.

7. Market to a Professional- Think of a marketing campaign and aim it at a certain professional group.  Try to choose a group that has some influence on other people such as CPAs or financial advisors.  Or groups that have many coworkers, such as teachers, firefighters, police officers, or HR departments.  Then offer them something for free. Some examples are a free home warranty, appraisal, free iPad, or talk about a specific program that is just for them (e.g. tax credit for teachers).  Then make a flyer and drop it off at schools, fire houses, offices, etc.  These groups are great to market to because if you do a great job they will tell all their friends and coworkers.

Like I mentioned in my previous post, online marketing should still be king.  But, there are still other ways to market yourself.  If business is slow, or you are new to the real estate business, then this list gives you some inexpensive easy ways to market yourself.

David Krichmar has been in the real estate business since age 19 and is currently a mortgage expert in Sugar Land, Texas. Connect with him at www.daveyourmortgageguy.com or @DaveMortgageGuy.

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Comments 2

  1. Enjoyed your articles, however, your #7 suggestion of Marketing to Professionals and “offer them something for free” seems to malign current RESPA rules and regulations. Did I miss something?

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