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Let’s Go Old School: 7 Offline Marketing Ideas (Part I)

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David Krichmar

David Krichmar

By David Krichmar

Let’s go old school for a moment. Trust me, I am not saying online marketing (social media) should not be No. 1.  But until humans become robots and do not have eyes, there are other ways to market as well.  Here is the first half of seven ideas I have come up with to market yourself offline:

1. FSBO’s– Yep, the dreaded “for sale by owner.”  Yes, they can be a waste of time; but honestly, how much time does it take to ring a door bell?  That’s all the time it takes to approach a FSBO.  Instead of taking the usual, “Can I list your home?” approach.  How about offer to do a marketing flier about the home with your info?  If the seller has any buyers that are interested in the home ask them to give you a call.  Offer to post their home on Twitter, Facebook, and blog about it.  It can’t hurt you to try a different approach than most REALTORS®.

2. Real Estate Magazines– We all love to look through the real estate magazines that show homes for sale.  Grab a bunch of these from your real estate office or from your grocery store.  Then staple your business card to the front and drop off a copy monthly at your local salon, dentist and doctor offices, oil change places, etc.  What does it take to do this? Some business cards, a staple, etc.  Try it!!

3. Books- Yes, books are dying.  But until they do, go by your local book store (Barnes and Noble or a local used book store) and find the real estate section.  Stick a business card in the first chapter of every real estate and mortgage book.  How long can this take????  Seven minutes per store — I timed it myself.

Stay tuned for Part II to read the rest of my great suggestions to market yourself offline.

David Krichmar has been in the real estate business since age 19 and is currently a mortgage expert in Sugar Land, Texas. Connect with him at www.daveyourmortgageguy.com or @DaveMortgageGuy.

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Comments 7

  1. Not sure I agree with the last suggestion as book stores could be inundated with business cards and hopefully people have the common sense to ask permission to consider such an activity. Seems a little like ambulance chasing attorneys on this last suggestion. True professionals should refrain from things like this and write a little self help book on real estate for people who need help. I just got my little book published and hope it is of help to many people with their real estate transactions:) You can go to my web site at 1031FRS.com. Thank you and may God bless America in these most difficult and uncertain times:)

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  3. In my opinion, these tactics, although invetive, are border line unethical. These ideas are not something I would be comfortable doing. Our industry already has enough bad apples in it.

  4. Good ideas–thank you. It’ll be hard to get myself to be disciplined enough to try these, but certainly thinking outside the box.

    Fred Schneider thanks for the plug on your book–impressive you were able to work this into a negative comment. Brad Jenkins, by bad apples, do you mean attempting to help people sell/finance their homes is a bad thing?

    I’m in the profession & actually took offense to the two negative posts–keep up the work Dave!

  5. Vanessa,
    If you took offense then you lack integrity and ethics, something this industry needs a lot of. We don’t need dumb ideas like this that were posted that make our profession look bad.

    I called a local real estate magazine and asked what would they do if I did this stupid little stunt that was suggested. Their reply, a court injunction that is what they would do.

    I then went to a book store and asked what they would do if I tried dumb idea number three. Their response, have me escorted out of the store by security and issued a no tresspass warning and arrest the next time I tried it again.

    Real professional Vanessa. You go ahead and do these hairbrained ideas and I will look for your jail booking picture.

    Vanessa go sell used cars please, you do not belong in the real estate profession.

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