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Working Together on Both Sides of the Transaction

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By: Duriel Taylor The real estate business is a tough one, and recently it’s been really difficult with so many changes and challenges. In my career, I’ve experienced all sides of the business: working with buyers, listing for sellers and working in the commercial space. What I’ve learned is that it doesn’t matter which side you’re on. What matters is …

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Create an Action Plan Around Your 2024 Business Goals

Matt Clements Professionalism 2 Comments

By: Matt Clements If you’re reading this, and you’ve made goals for 2024, that means it’s implementation time. If, however, you haven’t made your goals, grab a piece of paper or a notes app and go ahead and jot a few things down. The trick to getting goals down on paper is to not overthink it. Goals should be pretty …

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Dress Professionally and Maintain Your Authenticity

Monika Bhondy Professionalism 2 Comments

By: Monika Bhondy We’ve all seen the standard headshot of an agent dressed in a corporate suit on business cards, often arms crossed, beaming what they hope to be a million-dollar smile. If we’re honest with ourselves, this Linkedin-style profile shot doesn’t do us any real favors other than establishing our profession.  Instead, we find that these kinds of headshots …