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Working Together on Both Sides of the Transaction

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Headshot of a young, brown man in a blue suit jacket, smilingBy: Duriel Taylor

The real estate business is a tough one, and recently it’s been really difficult with so many changes and challenges. In my career, I’ve experienced all sides of the business: working with buyers, listing for sellers and working in the commercial space. What I’ve learned is that it doesn’t matter which side you’re on. What matters is treating others the way you want to be treated. In a relationship business, we’re not just building trust with our clients. We also have to build relationships with our industry partners, fellow agents, brokers and managers so that we an all succeed.

As someone who has been on all sides of the transaction, I have the following advice for how we can all work together better.

Advice Listing Agents

In the South Florida market—as with many markets across the country right now—we’re not short on buyers; we’re short on inventory. So when a listing agent lists a property, it’s almost a given that they’ll field 100s of questions from several buyer’s agents. It can be difficult to answer the same questions about a property over and over and over again.

The goal, however, is to get the house sold for the client, and having buyer’s agents call is a good thing. Tweaking the perspective and looking at several calls and questions asked as a positive can help when it comes to answering these questions.

Listing agents can also opt to create a fact sheet and include any relevant data—comps, info on location and neighborhood, etc.–so that they can refer buyer’s agents to the sheets rather than answering the same questions a dozen times.

It’s inevitable that a listing agent will get a call with questions they cannot answer. I’ve been on the receiving end of calls where a buyer’s agent will ask if my seller has Pozidriv screws or external hex screws in the door barn located in the primary bedroom. I politely reply with the known facts of the property, and I suggest that during inspection their client can obtain specific information from their inspector’s report. No matter the side of the deal I’m on though, I never suspect myself vainglorious over anyone.

Advice for Buyer’s Agents

Remember that the listing agents have worked with the clients to determine price based on a number of factors, and it’s not the job of the buyers agent to rebut these details. Instead, I approach the call with respect and understanding. I’ve been on their end of the line, and I do what I can to remember what that’s like.

Buyer’s agents will do well to make it apparent they did their research before calling. If the potential buyer has questions that can be answered in a fact sheet or from the listing details, make sure to read that information first, before you call. If you have a question that’s a little outside the norm, it’s important to show kindness if the agent doesn’t have the information.

I do my best to remember that my job is to work well with the listing agent, because it’s in the best interest of my client—and my own business—to develop positive relationships with my colleagues.

A Nod to Professionalism

I will always prioritize professional courtesy over “superior disposition” no matter the side of the deal I represent. It does not matter if the agent on the other side of the deal is effectively collaborating, knowledgeable or responsive. It is my job to reassure my client that my counterpart is working hard to get the deal done.

Real estate is no different than any other service industry. Gaining and maintaining the trust of the public is an ongoing endeavor. When we work together as professionals and do our best to act in a professional manner toward our clients and toward each other, we raise the bar of the industry and project professionalism in the public eye.

My name is Duriel Taylor, I’m an sales advisor in Florida. I’ve been in the real estate industry for over 17 years. I work with buyers and sellers in many niches including commercial, residential, income producing, short term rental, land and development/flipping.

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