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Does Klout Matter in Real Estate?

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Dolores Esanu

By Dolores Esanu

Recently, I’ve noticed quite a few business professionals engaging in “Klout.” Klout is a program that rates your sphere of influence within the social media world, with a score of 1 being lowest and 100 being the highest. Through Klout, companies offers perks for those who attain higher scores. For example, American Airlines offers upgrades and Moo.com offers free business cards. The idea behind it is the higher your score, the more influential you are online, therefore companies give you perks in the hopes you’ll share their content or give them a plug in your social media channels.

I read an article recently about a gentlemen who was asked to put his Klout score on his resume. Is that necessary? Are his years of experience and resume not enough for the position? It makes me wonder if sooner or later, buyers and sellers will be asking for this number. Buyers are looking online for homes now more than ever. Statistics show more than 80 percent will look online before calling an agent.

Will Klout be a number that the average buyer/seller considers before hiring you? Maybe not now, there’s a possibility in the future that this number will be used as a measure of experience. Food for thought.

I know my Klout score. Do you know yours?

Dolores Esanu is a REALTOR@ and executive assistant for Hot Springs Realty in Hot Springs, Ark. Connect with her at: @doeesanu, www.trademarkrealestate.com, on LinkedIn or at doloresesanu@gmail.com

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Comments 2

  1. I deleted my Klout profile and denied Klout access to my social accounts more than 18 months ago. If someone wants to consider that a condition of hiring me, more power to them, but if I can’t display my expertise without the use of a social metric, I don’t deserve the business.

  2. It is my understanding that Klout scores your interactions and not your sphere of influence. The goal is to improve your interactions within your contacts at all levels. Not only interact with realtors or only with lenders, but to respond to a variety and encourage you to broaden the group, variety and “spice” up your social activity.

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