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Leanne Goff

Leanne Goff

By Leanne Goff

Returning from the REALTORS® Conference & Expo in San Diego, I find myself inspired. I was able to connect with people who I’ve only known online, and it was like seeing old friends.

While there, I captured many #Y4YPN videos that are in the process of being edited now. It was so much fun to get to know all of the video participants, hear about their passion for volunteering, and learn how they’re adding value to  YPN and REALTOR® organizations as a whole.

As I took video, I noticed some similarities between local YPNs and how they’ve established goals that help each group grow and contribute to their association. It was also interesting to hear all of the individual voices coming through with the ways YPN is impacting their local boards as well as their personal businesses. I will share the videos with you as they are finalized. And, if you’re interested in submitting a #Y4YPN video, please e-mail me at leanne@trailridge.co.

Another conference highlight for me was a gathering of my fellow REALTOR® University Master of Real Estate students and faculty. Achieving this degree has been a goal of mine for the past year and a half. No joke, it has taken all of the focus I can conjure to keep life and work balanced while completing this program. Though the coursework is deep and taking serious effort to complete, I’ve felt incredible benefits from the efforts I’ve put forth. Another unexpected benefit of the coursework is getting to know my classmates and professors.

REALTOR® University gathering at the 2015 REALTORS® Conference & Expo in San Diego.

REALTOR® University gathering at the 2015 REALTORS® Conference & Expo in San Diego.

The classes are all conducted online, so I initially thought it would be difficult to get to know my classmates. However, as time progressed I found that the people posting in our online forum are very recognizable personalities. When a new class starts, I find myself virtually “high-fiving” people who I know and recognize from previous courses.

Then at the conference last week, a group of the REALTOR® U students gathered to celebrate past graduates and those of us who are still working on completing our degrees. It was incredible to stand in a room with the actual people I’ve known online. The virtual high-fives turned into great big hugs. It was so nice to connect with people who understand the amount of work we’ve done, and to celebrate our achievements.

It was also wonderful to see the professors who have challenged me; they’re my super stars. I found my eyes lighting up when each one of them walked in the room. And it felt great to meet the staff members who are fighting for the official accreditation of our degree, and those who have helped us through class registration and all of the paperwork.

No lie, this degree has been an incredible amount of work, which I expected because it’s a master’s degree after all. But the unexpected rewards include a vast foundation of knowledge in the real estate industry, as well as incredible friendships within an elite group of dedicated professionals.

Truly, the benefits of REALTOR® U are too immense to cover in one blog post. But I hope to communicate my ongoing REALTOR® University journey in future posts here on the YPN Lounge.

And if you need another reason to attend a future REALTORS® Conference & Expo (which is in Orlando next year), it’s making those invaluable face-to-face connections.

Leanne Goff is a managing broker with TrailRidge Realty, an independent real estate agency in Boulder, Colo. She has been licensed since 2008, and is active with the Boulder Area REALTOR® Association. Her work with BARA’s YPN led to achieving NAR’s Small Network of the Year Award in 2014. Connect with Leanne on Twitter: @leannegoff, or on LinkedIn.

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