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How Do You Say Thank You?

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Brooke Wolford

By Brooke Wolford

I recently moved to a new brokerage.  It was an amazing change for me and I fell in love with my fellow agents and co-workers at the office.  I’m the kind of person who really appreciates all the little things people do for me.  I can honestly say that I have never met such a great group of people who are all in one office.

I do, however, have a hard time knowing how to thank people.  I got to thinking… How is it possible to explain to someone how much you appreciate them? I wonder if my clients know how much they mean to me, and that I genuinely appreciate that they decided to use me as an agent.

I began to think about the things I do when I say thank you.  Whether it’s sending a card, an email, or a phone call, I always thank people somehow.  I think to myself, “Is my thank you genuine enough?”  I always tell clients thank you face-to-face at some point.  This way I know they can see how true my appreciation is.  Even after I thank them face-to-face, I still send them a card or email telling them “thank you” again.

I think sometimes the art of saying thank you gets forgotten. If you think that you are owed something or that things will always come your way, you are wrong.  You have to remember that in our business, our whole framework for making a buck relies on others.  It’s our clients, our brokers, our loan officers, title, office staff, etc.  They all have a part in how we become successful.  Be thankful.  Appreciate the people who help you along the way.  Say thank you and really mean it!

Brooke Wolford is a real estate practitioner with Coldwell Banker Burnet in Woodbury, Minn.  Follow her blog at adventuresinrookierealestate.com.

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Comments 2

  1. Hi Brooke! Nice article. In my opinion, expressing appreciation is determined by the act of kindness. When it comes to providing a solution for a client, saying the words “Thank You” is all about me. Where as expressing a genuine appreciation for the opportunity to work with them, they in turn Thank You for the solution you have provided. Just my $.02.

    Here is a great tool that makes it easy to express your appreciation! http://www.ActOnTheMoment.com

    I look forward to more of your articles.

    To your Success, Marson!

  2. I am a practicing NINJA and a walking ammbassador for “The Go-Giver” concept. That is a book by Bob Burg and John David Mann that will totally change your perspective about Real Estate. It is all about the concept that your total worth is measured only by how much value you add to other people’s lives. Find a way to add value to every experience, event, phone call, contact or any other time you “touch” another and your business will blossom beyond your expectations.

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